Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A nice day for me friends. Our system at work was down this morning. So some of us decided to go to an Indian Buffet for lunch.  They had a mouth watering spread. Full stomachs made for a lethargic afternoon. Went to a nearby temple with a friend to read hanuman chalisa. A well attended event. Happens every Tuesdays I am told. Got a ladoo as prasad. Not bad for a Tuesday night. Just relaxing now.

Remember that Jerry Seinfeld episode about Nothing? If not, watch the clip above. It was THE most hilarious episode of the series. With nothing they come up with something. Since, I can't think of anything to write about today, I am going to write about Nothing. Yes! Nothing! I always think to myself, what if there was nothing in this world. How would that be? Nothing as in, no air, no water, no humans, no animals, nothing! Well, there should be something for there to be nothing right? So here's the question: if originally, gazillions of years ago there was absolutely nothing, wouldn't there be absolutely nothing now?
Yes. For something no matter how small cannot come from absolutely nothing. We would still have absolutely nothing.What does that tell us? That absolutely nothing never existed. Why? Because, if absolutely nothing ever existed, there would still be absolutely nothing! But yet we exist, air exists etc etc. This proves that there must have been something at some point in time for the world to exist today. Million dollar question is what was that something? Confused? Join the club!!!


  1. Interesting article on Nothing-ness. Luckily not nothing-less!!!

  2. @Anonymous

    ha, ha! for sure. I am glad you liked it Anon.