Friday, August 05, 2011

My most embarrassing moment

It's my favorite time of the day again when I can be with the world by myself! It's Friday and I am at home with family. All the 4 of us are doing different things that interest us. Just being ourselves. We call it "quiet time". It's very important for each and every one to have this space in any given day. A 11 year friendship was destroyed today. The other person decided she had had enough of me. -:( She said it was stressful to be around me. I really wish her a stress free life. Bad days for me I guess. Hey, if Slaman Khan and Shahrukh Khan can  move on even after being in the limelight constantly written and talked about - tho phir hum kya cheez hai? Correct? Can't do anything about it. Got to move on... *********************************************************************
Sure, I have been embarrassed more than once in my life. But my most embarrassing moment was when I was trying to impress a friend that I wanted to meet so badly and we were meeting after a span of almost 15 years. So here I was trying to look my best. After thinking about what to wear for almost 3 months (yes!) I finally settled to wear a blue denim skirt and a beautiful ink blue colored blouse. I painted my nails blue (I know, what was I thinking?). Wore steel grey heels. Finished putting on what I thought was perfect makeup and then the final touch - sprayed my favorite Clinique happy perfume. One last look in the mirror. Perfect! 10/10 in my opinion. Walked out the door. So happy that we were finally meeting. To make the first meeting as casual as possible, I thought I will buy some Starbucks coffee on the way. We were meeting in a lobby. So Starbucks in hand I nervously walk towards the lobby. I see my friend through the revolving glass doors. Excitement knew no bounds. My friend was now staring at me. In my hurry to meet, I just walked into the revolving doors. My forehead hit the glass so hard. I was in pain. The hot coffee spilt all over me. I was a mess! My friend came running up to me, to help. I now smelt like coffee (so much for Clinique happy) and had a bump on my forehead. My face was red with embarrassment. It made for a good laugh and helped break the ice.


  1. Wow...sad to know abt the end of your friendship story and glad to know you are moving on...
    And really... 3 mths to decide on what to wear? now i am curious to know who is this friend? :):) funny embarassing story :)

  2. @Anonymous

    Hey, Anon, thanks for caring. Yeah, 3 months.. for a very "khaas" friend. Let's leave it at that. Lol!