Friday, August 19, 2011

Brand new yard is here!

Hi friends, allz well here. I was busy with the yard last couple of days. Other than that nothing exciting to write about. Looks like Burger King has beheaded it's Mascot. Never cared for their food anyway. McDonald's will always be my choice. It's a family thing you know. Busy weekend ahead folks. I am loving it.

Finally, finally! The wait is over. All the drooling has stopped. Thank god! I am excited. Yep, that's our front yard now! All MY planning folks. Hope all of you appreciate it as much as I do. Turned out to be slightly more expensive than I thought. The gorgeous stones were the culprits. But the end result is totally satisfactory and worth it. As you can see, I have not planted many annuals. Did not want to waste money on them as the season is almost over. 90% of the plants are perennials. I have hibiscus, forsythia, hydrangea, gardenia, hostas, begonia, lilies, geraniums, dianthus and some other bushes that I do not know the names off. The circle in the middle is my all time favorite. I have planted roses there. Under the tree I have planted red clematis.  Under the lamp post I have the pink variety.  I can't wait to see all the flowers in full bloom. The golden yellow forsythia will stand bright against the green leafy background. The red and pink roses will be contrast to the yellow forsythia and the bluish purple hydrangea will add the perfect touch to offset the bright yellow and red.. For the past couple of days I have spent more than an hour in my yard. I enjoy pouring water to these lovely plants. I am so happy to have this paradise on earth. That is what I call my little customized yard. The smell of top soil and mulch, the beautiful butterflies, the different colors and sounds. Oh my! so intoxicating. Can't get enough of it. Gardening is so therapeutic folks. Everyone should have one. Oh, I can't brag enough! All that is lacking is a beautiful fountain. I have my eye on a gorgeous one in the store. I will wait for it to go on sale at the end of summer. Hopefully it will still be available. Pray for it to be folks. I have already planned for some marigolds and bulbs for next year. I also plan to buy a bird feed and wind chimes. I will  have to wait till next summer to see the yard in it's full glory. They say "inthezaar ka phal mitha hota hai". So till next year.... 


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