Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye Bye 2013 - Happy New Year 2014!!!

Vanakkam 2014! Bye, bye 2013. My first post this year. Awww. Personally, I had a fab 2013 with more ups and few downs. My Father in law passed away this September. Hopefully the downs will erase from memory with time. A great many things happened around the world this year. RG3 benched due to injury, Pope Benedict stunned the world by announcing his resignation, Margaret Thatcher died, the Royal baby was born, Bomb at the Boston marathon killed 3 and injured many, Government Shutdown, Miley Cyrus and her crazy acts, Nelson Mandela died, Devyani Khobragade prosecution and many more evetns. In my very own India, Sachin Tendulkar retired, Uttarakhand flood disaster, Jiah Khan suicide, Movie Chennai Express was a super duper hit beyond belief, Sanjay Dutt gets parole, Arvind Kejriwal is sworn as Delhi's chief minister for his Aam Aadmi party (AAP), or Common Man's party, Gauhar Khan wins Bigg Boss 7, Farooq Sheik died, but the biggest news for me, was the split between Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Roshan. This shows that life is a roller coaster ride. We have got to be prepared for anything and everything.

Leaving you tonight with the Song of the day - an apt first time song for me by Kishore Kumar. This is from the movie Pehli Tarikh in1962.

Folks, it's 3 minutes till midnight. Got to go now. I am watching the ball drop on TV. Lazy night with family. I will try to write more this year. I have so many topics I want to write about. Had gone to India for 2 weeks and collected lots of pictures. Just wondering, by wishing people Happy New Year is their year really going to be happy? Whatever!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Airports - Hawai Adde

Hello my friends! Happy Birthday to me! I have mixed feelings about this day. Growing old is not a happy thing, but at the same time, times never stops and a lot has been said and done that made me both happy and sad in the past few months. Wish happy times would stay forever. Looking forward to a brand new 2014! An opportunity to start off on a clean slate. This time, I am making no resolutions, as I was not very successful in keeping the ones I made this year. I have realized that life has to be lived "in the moment". Heard the gorgeous hunk Kushal Tandon, is back on Bigg Boss 7 . I stopped watching this show, as it cost me my computer. Every year around this time, I buy a new computer. These sites that upload these BB7 episodes carry virus and affects my computer. This time I bought a Lenovo computer for it' sleek looks (resembles a mac) and touch screen capabilities. A birthday present for myself. Will be travelling t New York for thanksgiving. So much to look forward to. Life is good. Wish I could share this with some "good" people, who are in my memory for all the good times and bad times we have shared. I truly miss you guys. Friends come and friends go, but memories remain. With that, I post the Song of the day.  Heart touching song. Old is Gold. Really!

Catching an airplane to visit dream destinations can be very stressful, from reaching on time, to the never ending transit to the gate via moving floor escalators, over crowded trams, signs that seem to point you to never, never land, frowning people who seem to always be in a hurry, etc. In spite of all that, I absolutely love airports. Once the baggage is checked in and I am handed my boarding pass, I get an adrenalin rush, just from the anticipation of (finally!) boarding the plane. It makes the whole process well worth it. I usually reach the gate well in advance and have all this time before boarding. My favorite activity is to watch people, while sipping my favorite cup of Joe. I skip eating, what seems like tasty food, even though my stomach suddenly feels pangs of hunger, reminding me of it's existence, when clearly I would have eaten a full stomach, at home, just before we left for the airport. And same goes with bathrooms. Why oh why? Anyway, coming back to observations,  no two people are alike. Everyone is dressed so uniquely, it's feels like I am at a fashion show, where models are doing their catwalk, except that it's free! I observe the way people spend their time. I noticed that the favorite past time of people is to catch some well needed Zzzzs. Good idea! However, I cannot fall asleep, in those uncomfortable, plastic airport chairs or on a plane. Some others read, while others use their laptops. The cartoons are those who continuously talk on their cell phones, like there is no tomorrow. Kids indulge themselves in hand held games. I call it electronic baby sitting. Good help for parents travelling with the otherwise annoying kids, who find that time at the airport compelling to throw tantrums. Sigh! Those are the days that I don't ever want to visit again. International airports also have the upscale shopping, a girl's number UNO pass time. When I get tired of observing people, I occupy myself with some strictly window shopping only. The chocolates make me drool and makeup, jewelry and those sexy attractive bottles of perfume make me feel like I have none at all. The temptation to buy everything I see, is at it's maximum. Luckily the pain in the ears,  announcements that are happening regarding different airplanes landing and taking off, help me stay distracted from the temptations. The stress starts building again when the plane lands. I do not like waiting in airports for my bags. Even worse, I don't like waiting in airports when my bags are lost. Somehow, it always happens to me. It's a miracle then, that I get through all of  that chaos and reach my destination safe to breath some fresh air! Here's wishing everyone a safe journey, for their next travel. With that I will sign off for today. Shub Ratri!

Birthday Prayer
Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life.
Thank you for all the people who remembered me today
by sending cards, and letters, gifts and good wishes.

Thank you for all the experience of this past year;
for times of success which will always be happy memories,
for times of failure which reminded me of my own weakness and of my need for you,
for times of joy when the sun was shining,
for times of sadness which drove me to you.

Forgive me
for the hours I wasted,
for the chances I failed to take,
for the opportunities I missed this past year.
Help me in the days ahead to make this the best year yet,
and through it to bring good credit to myself,
happiness and pride to my loved ones,
and joy to you. Amen.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back to school nights

Hello folks! I have got the Monday blues again! I had so much fun over the weekend. Did so many things for the first time. Gave me a sense of achievement. More check mark on my "things to do before I die" list. Celebrated a friend's B'day at a comedy show, downtown. The headliner that day was Gary Valentine form the show "The King of Queens". OMG! he was hilarious. It was non stop one hour of belly laugh. I found out that he shares a B'day (Nov. 22nd) with me. I also watched an Air show for the first time, at the local airport, this weekend. I had seen it in movies earlier. The stunts performed by those pilots were amazing. The one that was unbelievable for me was when a lady hung upside down form a plane when it was high up in the air. The Sunday, ended with a beautiful gift bought by me for me. It was a dream for so many years. I finally decided to spend my hard earned money on it. Although, at first,, I felt guilty indulging, now I think it's well worth it! It's a secret that I will share when the time is appropriate. Till then, keep reading. The Song of the day is Banarasiya from the movie Raanjhanaa. I first heard it in the Gym, in the new Bollywood Jam class. It was so melodious, it stuck with me for some days. The instruments used in this song, automatically take your senses to a rural area in India. And it is no surprise that Shreya Ghosal has lent her golden voice to this song. She is the next Lata Mangeskar in my opinion. Lataji celebrated her 84th B'day yesterday (28th September). I am remembering a soul stirring song "Lag Jaa Gale" from the 1964 classic 'Woh Kaun Thi', this ones probably one of the most romantic songs of Hindi cinema. Sadhana looks gorgeous and Lata's angelic voice only adds to her charm.

I had a constructive week. Attended back to school days for both kids. Every year I attend these events more out of guilt. I feel by attending these events, I stay involved with what the kids do in school. I blame my "busy" schedule for not being an active volunteer at the school.  The teachers spend most of their allotted time - they're given just 10 minutes per subject, previewing a year of learning. It takes skill to cram so much information into such short time frame. The teachers talk so rapidly and it's hard to retain all that information for parents. By the end of the night, I don't remember the teachers names or which subject each one teaches. The high schools here are so big, I feel blessed to have studied in India. Life is so much simpler over there.The students stay put in one classroom and the teachers do their rotation. It's not until college, that students also get to move around. What I like to watch are the parents who come for these back to school nights. Some of them, are so serious, they come prepared to ask questions and they hold up the teacher form finishing their thoughts. Then, there are some who treat the night as a "time for themselves". They hold hands all through the evening. It's kind of like a date night for them. Then, there those parents who rush from work and somehow make it to the school. They are so confused, that they have to excuse themselves either for coming late, or entering a classroom, that they are not meant to be in. What I find the most amusing are those women, who come dressed to kill! Now, I understand, that they are well maintained and it takes a lot of effort to look like they do, but lets save the "I am hot" look for some other day ladies. And then there are folks, who attend the events just to make sure that they are not missing out on information, where the kids can show extra effort and gain extra points to get an A+ . While there is nothing wrong with that, I feel it's more of the parents interest than that of the students. God help those kids at home, when the parents pressure their children to do better and better at the cost of their kids getting frustrated. Which category do you belong? Do let me know. Shub ratri folks.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Kem Cho folks? It is almost that time of the year, when the state of Gujarat in India will be getting ready for the most colorful season of the year. The Navaratri festival is round the corner. I am excited, as I will be participating in the at least one of the dance events. Nothing like a cultural get together, to lift my spirits. The whole idea of dressing up traditionally, and meeting up with friends and dancing the blues away is so intoxicating. Folks, friendships are so hard to maintain. Recently, I did not have a very good experience, in this area. It's hard to take back words, once said. Apologies, however sincere, do not have any effect, once the damage is done. I just learnt that, letting go, is the best solution. Some friendships are just not meant to be. Those following my blog know that I have failed more than once now. I have written about this so many times. It will take some time for me to bounce back. The vacuum of losing a friend will still be there, for I value the presence of people in my life. I have to move on knowing that, that person's chapter in my life was only for a short time. They say people come and go but only the true ones stay forever. I say people come and go and you can never know who the true ones are. In the end you only depend on one person and that person is yourself.
Not sure why, but when I am sad, I like to listen to sad, romantic songs. It's Sunday evening, Ghazal time for me. Song of the day is by my favorite duo J&C Singh. What a beautiful depiction of this great ghazal! Only a Ghazal can beautifully express the pain of separation. The song is not helping me, get in a better mood, but somehow, it's helping me heal. Strange but true. All I now need is a glass of wine. More power to music!

No one is above KARMA. The doctrine of Karma is a spiritual doctrine based on the theory of cause and effect. It is a spiritual doctrine based on the philosophy that God is not responsible for the happiness or failure of an individual, rather, we as individuals are solely responsible for the consequences of our own behavior. The problem with that is unjust people need to be held accountable in their next life as well. When dealing with Karma and it's concepts, we must be willing to accept Reincarnation. This is similar to the western concept of what we reap we sow. As it is often seen by ones deeds, actions, and words what type of heart they have and their actions can be justly inspected accordingly. Without having to die to come back as a lesser form of life. Karma is the truth behind the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done to you. Its wording varies from culture to culture. Every judgmental thought brings negative karma (Imbalances the root chakra and creates pain). Every loving and serving thought brings positive karma (Balances the root chakra and creates free flowing energy and brings healing). One must find the place within where only love prevails. Peace, Love and Blessings!
A man is born alone and dies alone; and he experiences the good and bad consequences of this karma alone; and he goes alone to hell or the Supreme abode . - Chanakya


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Types of faces

Namaskar friends! Happy Janmastami to all my blog friends. Memories take me to childhood, when my parents would celebrate this festival with great pomp and show. My Mom, wearing her traditional saree, cooking the tastiest dishes, and my Dad dressed in his crisp white "dhoti", looking every bit the learned "pandit" and the head of the house. The house, filled with the fragrance of incense sticks and variety of flowers and fruits. My brother and I waiting for the Pooja to be over, so we could savor the "ladoos" that were so carefully made to look round as round can be, by my artistic Mom. Every Hindu Indian, might have fond memories of some child in the family being dressed to look like little Kanhaiya. Here is wishing all of you, that, may Lord Krishna, keep your family healthy, wealthy and wise.
Anyway, I had my own reasons to stay away from this space. I was in a happier place mentally, and therefore did not miss this space either. But expressing myself here is now part of my individuality and therefore I had to come back and feel complete again. Yes, harsh reality is that Summer is almost over and kids go back to school and the lazy routine has to change! Like they say, every good thing has to come to an end. While the Rupee continues to fall against the dollar, rape cases and corruption dominate the news in India. Rising prices for simple things like onions is making life miserable for the people of my beloved country. Hope and pray that the situation improves soon. My poor parents are feeling the brunt of all this. I wish I could help. Today, I felt like posting a love song that is very close to my heart from the 1976 Yash Chopra movie Kabhi Kabhi. You will see the brilliance in Sahir Ludhianvi's Lyrics.

I have often heard people say, her face looks like a lotus, his face resembles that of a horse, that baby was so cute he had a face just like the moon etc. Even though, they say, we have 7 lookalikes in the world, no 2 people look exactly like each other. It is believed that there are 7 types of faces. Oblong, Oval, Round, Rectangular, Square, Triangle or pear, Diamond, and Inverted Triangle or Heart.
Variety is the spice of life. The creator of the Universe was definitely intelligent. He thought of every little detail. Saved the humans from boredom. Have you ever wondered why, not everyone is attracted to the same person? Research has shown that the shape of a person’s face tells a lot about how sexually attractive he or she is, and can also convey a sense of trust, dominance, and good health. One facial feature that is consistently related to ratings of attractiveness, for both males and females, is facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is where both sides of the face, right and left, are alike. Face reading is also related to Astrology. Each of the five elements has a corresponding face shape which tells the face reader that certain energies, talents, or possible health problems may be found in this person’s make up.
I think I have an Oblong face. Sometimes I like it, but most times I wish I had a different face. Don't we all want something that we don't have? The most attractive face shape for a man according to me is the oval shape. Shows that the person has a lot of confidence.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Magical moments

Happy friendship day my dear blog friends. Of all the means which wisdom gives us to ensure happiness throughout our lives, by far the most important is friendship. It was a magical weekend for me in so many different ways. From childhood dreams coming true to friends making you feel that you are wanted on friendship day, it makes life worth living!  Today's Song of the day is also about that magical moment that Shashi Kapoor experienced when he heard the sexy but elegant Zeenie baby singing the song Ishwar satya hai in the movie Satyam Shivam Sundaram. The voice had so much magic in it, that it made Sashi K. want to see the face behind the voice. Raj Kapoor captured this magical moment with such passion that today, when I hear this song, I get goose bumps. India is so lucky to have Lata Mangeshkar, alive, even today, creating this magic with her golden voice. Nightingale of India, I salute you!

A magical moment is always associated with happiness. It is a special event that you experienced in your life. Often you let your happy life slip in the pursuit of materialistic happiness. All it takes is one life altering event to change your perspectives on things. Disney World is one such place, where every person young or old experiences that magical moment. Bollywood has known to create magical moments on celluloid, whether it was drunk Devdas's eternal love for Paro, played by the Badshah of romance SRK, or the blind Rani Mukerjee, feeling snowfall in the movie Black or the Jadu ki Jappi dialogue delivered by the tough Munna Bahi, played by Sanjay Dutt in the movie Munna Bhai MBBS, they were all so memorable and loved by each and every cine goer. It is so heart warming to listen to stories from people who have experienced such magical moments in their life. Magical moments is different for different people. It can be very simple or something heroic. It could be an image or a scene. It is a vivid memory that stands out from all other memories. There were many magical moments in my life so far. But the one that stands out the most was the miracle called childbirth. I feel proud to be a Mom.Thank god for this wonderful gift. It is a moment that every woman should have the privilege to experience. I feel so blessed to be given the name Maya which coincidentally means Magic or Illusion. Like they say, it's all  in the name and I want to live up to it. Shub ratri folks!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The escape

Namaste, Satsriakal, Vanakkam, Baagunara my dear cyber friends. What kept me busy? Telangana! He he. OMG! Why are we playing divide and rule? Haven't the Angrez left already? How many more states do we need? Bollywood is rocking these days, with the event of the century - My favorite Khans are friends again!  Heard SRK has invited Sallu for a Iftar party tomorrow. Hope Katrina and PC are not around. Sigh!
I always dreamt of having a beautiful vegetable garden of my own, where I could escape from the stresses of everyday life. I never acted on creating one, as my dream project was a magnanimous undertaking, which required a lot of hard work. So like many other projects, this was pushed to the back part of my brain. Last Sunday, we were invited to a good friend's house for dinner. We were going to their house for the first time. The cordial friends took us out on their deck. And what I saw, was breathtaking! My dream project, my vision, was right in front of my eyes! You have to see it to believe it! Please see pictures below.  A gorgeous patio table, with 6 comfortable chairs welcomed us. A perfect bonsai plant occupied the center of this table. The back of the table was lined with healthy, green tomato plants that were perfectly gathered with a guard. Plump green tomatoes were hanging form each plant, silently saying "pluck me".  Purple eggplant bushes of different varieties, adorned the front of the table. I could spot green chili plants, in between the eggplant shrubs, heavily populated with spicy green chilies. Just as I was wondering about Kadi patta plant, my eyes rested on a yet to blossom Kadi patta plant, next to which were two full mint leaf plant pots. To the left of the mint plants, were some cucumber creepers, loaded with medium sized, light green, perfect textured cucumbers, begging to be plucked to make a crunchy salad. And the best was yet to come. A canopy by the side of the deck that had a gorgeous creeper growing next to it that spread all over the canopy, giving it a oh! so romantic feeling!  By this time, the sun had also begun to set and the orange-yellow rays were cascading down the canopy. This made a perfect backdrop for a Bollywood act. I swear, I was imagining the Gazebo scene of SRK and Kajol in Kuch, kuch hota hai. The host who definitely has a green thumb, told us that he has planted grapevines on the outside of this canopy.  I wish I could see them in full yield someday. A bird bath and a splendid wind chime completed this beautiful canopy. We ate yummy appetizers made by the host sitting in this magnificent garden as we savored the alcoholic drinks made by our gracious, green thumbed host and enjoyed Hindi songs from the 70's along with Shayaris recited by another good friend. What more could I have asked for? Good company, good food and above all good ambiance. Now, that's what I call a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Congratulations friends on your beautiful veggie garden! You are truly an inspiration to me. Thanks for a lovely evening. The salad I made for dinner tonight, using the cucumbers and green chilies from this dream garden was yummy! All of us enjoyed it.

 The gorgeous patio table and the stunning canopy on the left.
 Healthy tomato plants
 Mint leaf plant
 Kadi Patta plant
 More tomato plants
 See the plump green tomato?
 Eggplant plant
Eggplant plants and Green chilli plants

Folks, leaving you tonight with a 70's song from the movie Kora Kagaz. Enjoy! Shub Ratri.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Alamo theater experience

Namaskar friends. Time was well spent at the movies this weekend. On Sat. night we went to the new theater (Alamo) in town to watch the movie "Pacific Rim". This was not a normal theater. The ambiance is so relaxing. It's like sitting at home and watching the movie. They had one rule that stood out from other theaters. Apart from not talking and texting, one could not enter the movie if they were late by even 5 mins. In this theater the food is served at your chair. See pic. below. The order has to be written down on a piece of paper and placed in front of you,. the servers then, pick up the order and bring the food to you. I loved the experience.

Today, I watched the creative genius Farhan Akhtar in the movie Bhag Milka Bhag. All I can remember is the one scene where they showcase his 6 pack, perfectly toned body, when he is skipping. The movie was too long otherwise. Remove FA and the movie fails miserably. For a person like me, who does not like to read, movies like this have to be made, in order to honor great people like Milka Singh, who lived to be a part of the great country called India. Mera Bharat really Mahan hai.  A little tired today. So, I am exiting with the Song of the day from this movie. Enjoy! Shub Ratri.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Disability - a curse?

Hello World! Bad hair days for me. This humidity is killing me. I could literally scoop it our of the hair. At this rate, either I have to shave my head off completely or start wearing hats. It's impossible to keep the hair looking neat. She calls herself exotic, hotter than the tropics, this gorgeous desi girl is none other than our very own PC, who has come out with another video, this time with Pitbull. The song is catchy, but sounds exactly like the previous one "In my city". It has the same synthesized, computer voice. Nevertheless, this girl is reaching soaring heights. So proud of this hardworking girl. This is the the Song of the day.

Talking of PC, reminds me of my fav. Shahrukh Khan. He named his surrogate son AbRam. Hmm being politically correct again? Shah Rukh Khan said. "They say a baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. I always found him to be an Intelligent man. But at this stage in his life, why a surrogate baby? Following Aamir Khan? Wouldn't adoption be a better choice? Anyway, alls well, that ends well for Hrithik Roshan who got discharged from the hospital today, after a successful brain surgery to remove a clot. Thank god! Any medical issues connected to the brain or heart is sooo scary.

Felt so sad on reading that a girl travelling from Mumbai to Delhi, who had an artificial leg was stopped at the airport security check and was asked to remove her prosthetic leg. Ouch! Can you imagine what this girl would have gone through. People have become so insensitive. The system is be partially blamed too. No one is excused. Not even if the person's name is Shahrukh Khan. It is human nature to fear or ridicule people who appear or act different than what we consider to be normal. That will never change, but I think there is more acceptance of people with physical handicaps -- we call them "disabilities" now -- and their ability to participate in normal activities.  The Americans With Disabilities Act requires businesses and government institutions to accommodate the needs of the disabled. People with disabilities are accepted at workplace, there are special arrangements made for the handicapped like special ramps, elevators etc. Kids are taught early in school to be nice to kids with special needs. All this tells me that the future looks bright for disabled people. Shub Ratri folks. OM!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

When dreams come true

Hello world! It was THE weekend folks when dreams came true for me. Growing up, I was always made to feel that I have not achieved much in life. My friends were always smarter than me and I had accepted it and had started to believe that it's what it is. I had stopped trying. But everybody has that one nerve in them that when struck, makes them start to dream again. Like most of you already know, when I was in college, I participated in a lot of cultural activities. I enjoyed taking part in skits, dances, and music. But after college, I did not have the opportunity to perform anywhere. I got married and came to United states. I soon found out that my husband did not have similar interests.  I would look forward to going to social gatherings, as I would hope to meet someone, with whom I could connect on my passion. I would sing a song or 2, and be happy with the compliments I received from the small friends circle. But coming back home, I always wished and dreamed of a larger audience. Then in 2009, a miracle happened. I met my best friend from college again, through Facebook. It turned out, that she now lived in New Jersey. We got talking, and soon were reminiscing college days. I was awestruck when she told me that she still is following her passion and is now a RJ for a local desi Radio station. I expressed my desire to be one too to her then. It was all forgotten after that. I continued listening to her hosting the show (evening drive) every single Monday and practiced my RJ skills in front of the mirror. I was with her for the past four days. She kept saying she had a surprise for me. Guess what? She gave me a slot on the Radio show for 30 mins. air time as a guest RJ. That's what friends are for. Dreams to come true because of Angels on earth like my dear friend. Another dream that I got fulfilled was, I drove from VA to NJ by myself. It's all about the right timing, luck and keeping the dream alive! Folks leaving you with a soft song from the movie Agent Vinod. I chose the version with built in lyrics, so you can simultaneously enjoy the meaning. This song is all about the lyrics. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A window into the brain

Kem cho blog friends? I am excited about the new Bollywood movies that will be releasing in the coming months. Apart from my favorite SRK movie Chennai Express the other movie that I am looking for ward to is Ramaiya Vastavaiya. Shruthi Hassan is stunning. The brown color in her hair compliments her creamy white skin so beautifully. The new guy Girish Kumar is kinda cute too. Watch out for his dance number "Hip Hop Pammi". Although, today's Song of the day is the soft, romantic number by Atif Aslam. Enjoy!  My surprising discovery of the day - Arijit Singh who has become the nation's voice after Aashiqui 2, is none other than Arijit Singh form Fame Gurukul. We had just installed Indian TV in our house back then in 2005. It's good to know that, this kid pursued his dreams, even though he did not win. True talent is always rewarded.


There have been many times, when I really wish I could read the others person's mind. I have noticed that in a developing friendship people sometimes say things, just to please the other for the moment. This may not necessarily be true. Sooner or later, this avalanche is going to grow so big, that eventually it's going to burst. I always thought, that it is not good to open up and be oneself, till you get to know the person completely. However, the current generation of kids, do not tolerate this old school concept. They are honest and tell things, exactly like how it is. It's either black or white. It was hard for me to understand this in the beginning. Therefore, it resulted in a lot of frustration, trying to fit in. One person even told me, one should not wait around for things to happen as a result of destiny. We have to make our own destiny. The statement stirred me up a little bit. Ever since, I have not stopped thinking about this. We definitely have only one life to live.  Like Bob Marley said - “One love, one heart, one destiny.” If we don't take ownership of what happens in this short period for us on earth, nobody else will. Is honesty always the best policy? I am starting to believe, that it is. At least, there is no hurt in going through a long period of time and finding out later, that the truth was never shared all along. the pain can be reduced to a large extent. Times have changed indeed! Shub Ratri.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
William Jennings Bryan

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello my dear blog friends! Fantastic weekend. Guess why? Lots of dancing. Sat. night we attended a graduation party. The party was well attended and so much fun with great food, an open bar, (what else can one ask for) and a live DJ! What an evening! Had a blast! Danced away to glory and still not tired! Madhuri Dixit once said, dancing is a spiritual experience. I have to agree with her. Sunday, had a sleep over at my dear friend Anu's place. She was all alone. We never slept the whole night. Went back to being silly school girls, giggling all night. I paid for it today. Suffered a severe headache till late in the evening. Went for a walk and felt better after that. Phew! Sunday evenings, after dinner, is my time alone with my favorite YouTube. As usual, I was browsing for some melodious Hindi songs and came across this one from the movie Singham, which is the Song of the day.

The minute we hear "Free" we get all excited as there is a thrill in receiving something for free. Irrespective of the value, we rush to accept something that is offered for free. Just seeing the word “free” on a sign heightens our interest in a particular product or service. It is inevitable when shopping in stores on online that the word “FREE” will appear at least several times. This strategy used by companies has been around for a long time and it still has a strong effect on consumers.  The Internet has become the major hub for finding free stuff available. Now, one does not even have to leave their house to get free stuff. There are hundreds of websites out there that cater strictly to free products online. A person could potentially make it their “job” to live off free offers. The notorious happy meals that offer free toys are really so unhealthy for kids. But parents completely see the worth in it. Its a win-win situation for both parties. How many times have we completed surveys for stores, just to receive a $5.00 mail in rebate. Of course, its another story that I takes for ever for you to actually receive the $5.00. Offering free appetizers at restaurants is one way to get customers in. Once they arrive, they have to eat a main course too!  Doctors offices hand out free samples. I found it very useful, when my son had to try out some acne products which were, horrendously expensive otherwise.The old adage that “there’s no such thing as free lunch,” still applies . Yet, the appeal of not having to use your own dollars is very strong among consumers. How do you think I got the idea for this post? You bet, for FREE! From a friend. :) Shub Ratri.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Natural Calamities

Namaskar blog friends! Gorgeous weekend filled with beautiful weather, walks, friends, cricket and the Super Moon. I tried taking pics. of the luminous, round ball, that was so divine, that I wished to soak in its luminescence. Check out the pics. below.

 From our deck
From our deck
Clicked by a friend from his porch (gorgeous capture!)
One singer came to my mind. My favorite, Ghazal King - Jagjit Singh. It has been a long time since I had posted a Ghazal. Today is a perfect day for that. Song of the day, is this Jagjit only version. Enjoy! Love the following lines. Let me know, if you felt a sense of calm after listening to this.

Sunte hain ke mil jaati hai
 har cheez dua se
 Ek roz tumhain maang ke
 dekhenge Khuda se


After a spate of dismal-gloomy news last week , it was really nice to hear India defeating England by 5 runs in the Championship Trophy last night. Uttarakhand, formerly Uttaranchal, is a state in the northern part of India. It is often referred to as the "Land of the Gods" due to the many holy Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres found throughout the state. Northern India is bracing itself for further floods during what is believed to be the heaviest monsoon rains for 60 years. At least 1000 people are thought to have died with more than 40,000 still said to be stranded in the mountains of Uttarakhand state. Eight days after the emergency began, there are fears that emergency supplies of food and clean water are running short. It is so devastating to read about this news and see the gloomy images on television. I am leaving today, with a heavy heart, praying for all those families who are suffering the loss of their near and dear ones and with those who are craving for some food, shelter and clothing. For the thousands of innocent people who have lost their lives. may your souls rest in peace. Only God can answer the question, why do we ingkeep hav such natural calamities around the world. Om Namah Shivaya!  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My very own iphone

Hello there folks! How often do you find good people who dedicate songs to you? Well, today was one such day for me. A good friend dedicated this song to me on Facebook and that my friends, is the Song of the day from the movie Maya Memsaab. This was one controversial movie then. I don't remember the story now. I plan to watch it again soon! SRK anytime! Talking of SRK, there is not third child in the making for him. It turns out, it was a publicity stunt for his soon to release movie - Chennai Express. Looking forward to it. Although, I get the feeling that its going to be a dud. Deepika with her dubbed South Indian accent. Ayyo!

With hundreds of handsets to choose from, it can be tough to find the right one. So, finally, after a lot of thought and quizzing my tech savvy kids, I went and purchased the iphone 5 yesterday. It was a fun experience. I was so happy to see that the price of the phone had dropped from $200.00 to $150.00. That was a sign. A friendly sales person helped me pick the phone. I wanted white, as it represents purity and peace. It makes a difference to me. Chose a plan, picked a carrier and picked a random new phone number. Ended up paying through my nose. Next, I had to pick a fancy case. Ended up picking a cute, black and white one. It has patterns of  "chakra" on it. I will post the pic of it, on my next post. The kids were excited to teach me how to use it. I have to admit, they definitely know more than me when it comes to technology. I am already face booking, chatting, whatsapping, clicking pics, browsing, listening to music and face timing on it. It has become the center of my universe. Only regret is, I should have bought it sooner. By the time I get used to this, the iphone 5S is going to come out and my phone is going to be obsolete. That's a good thing, though, because it demonstrates how innovation in the wireless industry has skyrocketed. We're seeing rapid progress across all fronts, including displays, data networks, user interfaces, voice quality, third-party apps, and even mobile gaming. Nice going! Tring, Tring... Oh, forgot to mention, I love the Siri feature. Amazzzzing!!! Miss you Steve Jobs. RIP!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to make "Goli Bajo" (All Purpose Flour Fritters)

Happy Father's day folks! I had a fantastic weekend. On Friday, my dear friend Anu and I recorded a video of yet another Konkani recipe. How to make "Goli Bajo" (All Purpose Flour Fritters). A good friend from Mangalore India, had lent his voice. He sent it to us in MP3 format via email and we had to incorporate it into the video. It was quiet a challenge. It took me at least 7 hours to edit the video. But it was all well worth it in the end. Very happy with the end product. If interested, you can type this title in You Tube and check the video. Don't forget to comment.
A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
George Bernard Shaw

We have adapted this quote with the making of our videos. :)
Saturday, we attended a house warming party, where we met some new interesting people. It's always nice to meet new people. New perspectives, opinions, and the hope of  a new exciting friendship keeps it very interesting. Sunday, we celebrated Father's day by going out for brunch. I presented Shekar with some shirts, which sadly, he did not like. :( I understand, everyone has their own taste, when it comes to clothes. I  have done that to him too! Hey, it's the thought that counts right? Sunday afternoon, I spent cleaning house and then went for a walk in the evening. The walk was enjoyable as the weather was beautiful and I got some quiet time to myself.

My good friend from New Jersey sang a song for me on the phone today. She sang it so well, that all day I had it running in my head and therefore, to get it out of my system, I am posting it here as the Song of the day. This is from the movie Sazaa sung by none other than Lata Mangeshkar. Shub Ratri folks!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hocus, Pocus... FOCUS!!!

Hello folks! Finally, getting back on track with my daily routine. It was so heart wrenching, to read about the death of Priyanka Chopra's Dad. PC did not miss a single opportunity to talk about her love for her Dad and how much of an influence he was for her in her life. May god give her strength to deal with this huge loss. I am following the Jiah Khan suicide case closely. So, they are blaming Suraj Pancholi for this and he has also been arrested. I fail to understand, simply based on a letter, how is it possible to take someone into custody. Besides, Jiah was a voluntary part of this relationship. They were in a relationship for quite sometime. She had even complained about his behavior to her Mom. Her Mom herself said this in her interview. Then, how is a case of rape being slammed on Suraj? Jiah could have walked away form it all when she knew what type of a person Suraj was. Easier said than done I guess. Lonely world of glamor leads one to take some drastic steps. Praveen Babi is another sad example. Song of the day is from the movie Saathi. Those were the days of Anuradha Paudwal. :)



Life can be such a chaos if one loses focus. I was in that boat for the past 20 days. I was going about my routine like a zombie. Fortunately, yesterday, was an eye opener and I am slowly regaining my focus. I am able to concentrate one thing for a longer time. Phew! I feel like I am back now.  I read somewhere that, every time you focus your attention you use a measurable amount of glucose and other metabolic resources. Studies show that each task you do tends to make you less effective at the next task, and this is especially true for high-energy tasks like self control or decision making. So distractions really take their toll. Focus to me is a type of cultivated discipline. It can be achieved by anyone who is willing to put forth the necessary effort. This is one of mankind’s greatest challenges; staying focused in the fast paced, technology driven world we are living in. Information overload and work overload. So how do we stay focused? In my opinion, the first and most important thing that can help is to disconnect from technology. Turn off all notifications and reminders of emails and tweets etc. Take control of all communication and social media and only go to them when you are ready to spend time there. I found that I am not strong enough to ignore these teasers. Number two on my list is to De-clutter my mind from wavering thoughts. They say, that meditation helps with this. Keeping life simple is the key to retaining focus in life. I found out today, that I had made a lot of mistakes in  my work (both personal & professional) from last week, the time that my mind was out of focus. Not good. Shub Ratri folks!

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”
― Zig Ziglar

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The power of Om or Aum

Namaskar friends. Coming back after a long hiatus. I got busy with family obligations. And it happend again! The big bad world of the Bollywood has taken away yet another innocent life. They are blaming lack of work and a failed relationship for Jiah Khan to go into depression. I was really disturbed when I heard the news of her death by suicide. Song of the day is a Om Namah Shivaya chant. So peaceful. I needed to listen to this today as I am going through some emotional up and downs myself.

 Shekar was playing this the whole time today and it brought a sense of clam in me. So I decided to research about the word Om.

Om or Aum is of great importance in Hinduism. This symbol above is a sacred syllable representing Brahman — omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all existence. A symbol becomes mandatory to help us realize the unknowable. Hence we have the Aum symbol. It is made up of three Sanskrit letters, aa, au and ma which, when combined together, make the sound Aum or Om. It is believed to be the basic sound of the world and to contain all other sounds. It is a mantra or prayer in itself. If repeated with the correct intonation, it can resonate throughout the body so that the sound penetrates to the centre of one's being, the atman or soul. There is harmony, peace and bliss when this word is chanted. By vibrating the sacred syllable Om, one will certainly reach the highest state of "stateless" eternity, states the Bhagavad Gita. During meditation, when we chant Om, we create within ourselves a vibration. Mind moves between the opposites of sound and silence until, at last, it ceases the sound. In the silence, the single thought—Om—is quenched; there is no thought. This is the state of trance, where the mind and the intellect are transcended as the individual self merges with the Infinite Self in the pious moment of realization. It is a moment when the petty worldly affairs are lost in the desire for the universal. Such is the immeasurable power of Om.
Most of this information was ontained fromt he website below.
Hari Om folks! Have a good night!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fake or Real?

Namaskar friends! I had an ok weekend. I spent Saturday cleaning house and Sunday was a day for finishing errands. My dear friend Anu and I were talking and she was humming this song to me, which I picked as the Song of the day from the movie Dushman. Not only is the song really good, the first 2 lines (below are so true.
Sachchaai Chhup Nahin Sakti, Banaavat Ke Usoolon Se
Ki Khushboo Aa Nahin Sakti, Kabhi Kaagaz Ke Phoolon Se

We all want to have good friends around us. I often meet people that are fun to be with initially. Then, as the friendship develops, you gradually realize that these are not really the people who you thought they were. Then come the awkward moments of thinking of numerous reasons to avoid them. So, how do we determine if the people are fake or real?  A real friend would put you first sometimes, be there for you during both good and bad times, knows when to give you some space, is happy for you when you succeed, respects your idiosyncrasies and to top it all makes you laugh. I have always found 'real" friends by trial and error. The process is too long and sometimes very painful. With age, we get set in our own ways of living. I find that its better to be alone than be with some "fake" friends. I used to want to have a lot of friends to enjoy life. But with some bad experiences, I have  come to the conclusion that quality is better than quantity when it comes to friends. Every person changes at some point in life. Friends stay and accept. Shub Ratri folks!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Celebrity talk

Hello friends! It's clearly a week where headlines were ruled by celebrities. While actresses like Vidya Balan, Aishwarya Rai and Freida Pinto were a shame at the festival with their Indian outfits, actress Sonam Kapoor was a breath of fresh air, although I did not like her clothes either. The other names that caught my attention this week were, Madhuri Dixit, Angelina Jolie, Sanjay Dutt and now Michael Jackson.  Folks, the dancing diva, Mohini  aka Madhuri Dixit is back, with her expressive, vivacious, energetic, dance steps. Unfortunately, she has been misused as an item girl. A lady with such grace and dignity has also stooped to this level. How unfortunate! I know Ranbir had a desire to work with MD, but what was he thinking- really? The song does not work as RK and MD do not look good together. This goes to prove that chemistry is a vital part between a pair in a song, dance sequence. And with a name like "Ghagra" to the song, one would expect MD to wear gorgeous Manish Malhotra designed heavy Ghagra cholis. Alas! I was disappointed with the tacky outfits. I know its because the song is taking place at a brothel. I still could not digest this in the case of MD. The song however, is growing on me. I noticed that the word Via-Agra is chosen very intelligently. Vishal and Shekar do justice to the tune. I liked Rekha Bhardwaj's voice in the song "Namak"  from her "Omkara" days. She is sounding good here too. Judge for yourself. I have posted it as the Song of the day below.

It's women power all the way. As if adopting so many children and taking care of them was not enough of an achievement, this gorgeous lady called Angelina Jolie underwent a preventive double mastectomy after learning she carried a gene that increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Not only that, I heard this morning on the radio, that she is considering another surgery to remover her ovaries too! True definition of a diva. Beauty with brains all the way. A pioneer! It must have been a  tough decision for a girl known for her beauty to go under the knife for the "right" reason for once And Brad Pitt deserves a honorary mention here for great support. An unusual couple for sure.
Poor Sanjay Dutt, finally surrendered to serve the remaining three-and-a-half years of his prison term today for possessing illegal arms in a case linked to the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. In the end Cine stars are real people with emotions. A 53 year old man, who had finally proved to become a good citizen, is behind bars now, when so many real criminal are freely roaming the streets of India. So sad the Indian Judicial system takes so long to give a verdict. Like Mahesh Bhatt said "To assert that Sanju must be totally cut off from society because he is absolutely evil amounts to saying that society is absolutely good".  Hmm something to think about. Sanju Baba, hope you come out of jail stronger. Three-and-a-half years will fly by.
Wade Robson, a dancer who frequently visited Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch as a child, called MJ a pedophile and a child sexual abuser" in an interview Thursday on NBC's "Today Show. He said Jackson "performed sexual acts on him and forced him to perform sexual acts on him" from ages 7 to 14. The question remains why is wade revealing this today, after MJ's death? MJ's Nephew Taj Jackson is defending MJ on Twitter. I am sure, time will shed more light on this mystery. Till then. lets all stay glued to the idiot box. I can't stand the gossip of celebrities' lives, all the time! Every minute! Ok, who am I kidding. It's hard to find normal celebrities. That's what makes them interesting. Shub Ratri folks.

Monday, May 13, 2013

If I had a twin...

Kem cho folks? Yeah, I was busy shopping last weekend. Window shopping that is. I was so happy to see the beautiful colors in the store. The weather may not be cooperating with us, in this part of the world, but the stores are keeping up with the seasonal changes in fashion. It's really cheerful to walk through the aisles and to feel the smooth fabrics and admire the latest patterns, fabrics and colors. It was so depressing to see those dreary black and grey colors of the winter. If I were a fashion designer, I would change the whole scenario. I would opt for bright colors in the winter too! But the fashion police in this country would get me for it. All this talk about colors, reminds me of this Song of the day from the movie Prem Pujari.

I watched the movie Aashiqui 2 last night. I can't believe that Shraddha Kapoor is Shakti Kapoor's daughter. She is so cute. So innocent and lovely.
It is believed that there are 7 people who look like us living some where around the world and they may not be our relative. Here is an example of A John Abraham lookalike. Hmm Pretty close haan?

I always wondered, how would life be if I had a twin? I think I would be the naughtier one. I would want my sister to be protective of me and often cover up for me. I always like to see twins be so close to each other, wearing same clothes, sharing same opinions etc. Its nice to see yourself live! You would know exactly how you look to the world. It would be very clear as to what hairstyle, what clothes, what makeup suits you as you could experiment on the twin. It would be like mirror on the go. She would always compliment me as I would look just like her. We would be the best of friends, while most people in this world are all by themselves. I have seen my twin cousin sisters, help each other in studies. One read aloud and the other just listened. They would stay up all night, just before an exam and study together. And the surprising part was they ended up getting the same marks. I remember thinking that is so cool. They would get in trouble for the same exact reasons. They would have the same thoughts, simultaneously. As amazing as that might sound, I am sure, having a twin can be annoying at times too. People ask all kinds of silly questions like "can you read each others minds?" "If I pinch you will she feel the pinch?" etc. Also, we would constantly be compared to each other making life very competitive most of the time. Not a good feeling to have. I haven't met even one of the 7 lookalikes of me yet. I hope to meet at least one of them soon. Will keep an eye out!. Good night folks! XOXO.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Kem Cho blog friends? As if, the first movie,Yamla Pagla Deewana was not enough, now Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 is going to release soon. Just by having SRK, Aamir and Hrithik unveil the music, doesn't make the movie more attractive. The glamour value of the event, might raise some curiosity, but all these three Deols (Father and 2 sons) should actually now retire. They don't have the power to attract audiences to the theater any more. One movie that has caught my attention, which is to release soon is Aurangazeb. The star cast is very interesting. It's got Arjun Kapoor in double role (hmm can't digest that). Does he deserve to be in the industry? And they are introducing Sashaa Agha daughter of Salma Agha. Looks to me that Sreedevi is under pressure to look younger. I noticed her dressing style in recent events. Dresses and skirts do not really suit her anymore. I think she looks gorgeous in Indian wear, especially in sarees. So, the Bollywood scene is bustling with promos of soon to release movies. I am looking forward to having an entertaining Summer.

I just read an article about a choice made by this kid, Cao, who chose University of Virginia over Harvard, Stanford and several other Ivy league Colleges. All his life he dreamt about going to Harvard and when the time came, he chose UVA. His explanation was, he thought he would fit in better at UVA. Since it is a matter of being at a college for 4 years, he had rather be at a place, where he felt comfortable. Kudos to this kid. After all, we live only once and everyone has the right to be happy. It is the choices we make that shapes our lives.  I remember listening to Dr. Phil say that most choices are made out of fear. In the example above of Cao, he made a choice form his heart. So proud of this young boy. At such a young age he could make such a wise choice for himself. He said it is one thing to be proud and walk among relatives and friends talking about getting admitted to Harvard. But in reality, he has to spend 4 years of his life in an uncomfortable situation where he thought that the students were somewhat pretentious. Some of my top choices in life are:

1. My job - I feel if you are not happy at the workplace its time to change jobs. After all we spend at least 8 hours, in the workplace. It's important to have a safe, productive, stress free work place.
2. My friends - We cannot choose family, but when it comes to choosing friends there is always an option. Friends should always bring the best in you.
3. Partner  - I would have liked him to be of my choice too! Indian traditions took over in this case and we learnt to like each other.
4. How to raise kids - This is solely the choice of parents. If we have given birth to beautiful children, it is only our right to bring them up the way we want. I have zero tolerance for interference from others in this case.
5. My life philosophy - This is THE most important choice in my life. I live by certain principles that are defined by me and only me. And I believe, I have made an educated choice and no one can change that. Whether it is religion, politics, traditions etc.

It is often said that life is a series of choices. So, choose them carefully my dear friends. Lets all together live a happy life. Live and let live. Leaving you tonight with this melodious Song of the day from the movie Khilona. Enjoy!


Thursday, May 02, 2013

Counting Sheep?

Hello blog friends! Today, every Indian is probably feeling strongly against Pakistan, for the loss of  a selfless hero called Sarabjit Singh. May his soul rest in peace. Let us all Indians stand united and salute this hero. Indian govt. is solely responsible for this victim's tragic murder in Pakistan. Safety has become a world wide issue these days. I just happened to notice that every school, company etc. has the word "safe" in their mission statement. Talking about observations, I really liked what Karan Johar had to say about social media. He thinks social media has killed the star. He feels that it has brought more exposure to stars and that the kind of manic hero worship is going to diminish. There are too many younger stars. And by virtue of the numbers, stardom will be divided among the younger lot. It's so true. The entertainment industry was like a dream to most people some years back. But with You Tube and social media, more and more people are pursuing their dream of joining the glamorous (so it seems) media industry. Filmmakers are also looking for newer faces. All people seeking a pivotal role. With new story ideas, and younger filmmakers, I think this dream appears to be more achievable. I wish that was the case when I was younger. I am sure there is an entertainer/actor is all of us waiting to come out. We have all stood in front of the mirror sometime, pretending to be a stat. I admit I have. I used to adore Madhuri Dixit and Sreedevi during my college days. I have practiced their dance moves and dialogues in front of the mirror.

Legend says that if u can't sleep at night...its because you are awake in someone elses' dream. I read this on Facebook as someone's status some days ago. Last night, I slept very little as my mind got thinking and would not shut up. I kept tossing and turning all night and because of that I am so tired tonight and also cranky. A stimulated mind is the main reason why I can't fall asleep. It mostly happens to me when there is an important event the next day and I need to be alert. So, I was just trying to understand, what can one do in such situations. We tell our children to count backwards when they can't fall asleep, and that usually works for them. But as adults, it's more difficult. I find myself saying  "I've got to go to sleep." The more I try to will myself into sleep, the more conscious I become of not being able to doze off. I can hear the smallest of noises, like the clock ticking, family breathing, breeze outside etc. Suddenly all noises seem to be amplified. For the fear of waking up everyone else, I find it best to stay in bed and suffer silently. So today, I took the help of Google guruji. Believe it or not, the best thing to do when you can't fall asleep is get out of bed. Just go to another area of the house that does not involve a bed. Maybe the kitchen. Do some other activity for sometime till your mind gets bored. The only way you can fall asleep when you are completely relaxed and in a peaceful state. An excellent way to quiet your body and mind before bedtime is to use one of the active relaxation techniques like slow breathing and happy thoughts.

Therefore the pick of this song tonight. as the Song of the day from the 1974 movie Aap ki kasam. Enjoy! Shub Ratri.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Krazy 2

Namaskar blog friends! I had an eventful weekend. Attended the Krazy 2 concert which came to our city on Saturday. The show featered Indian playback singers like Sunidhi Chauhan and Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar however, is a Pakistani musician/actor who is now based in India. The concert was enjoyable simply because we went as a big group. I was not too impressed with the singing. The best part of the evening was when we were allowed to go to the front of the stage, and see the artists from close quarters. It occurred to me that these 2 are ordinary people otherwise. Just because they are famous celebrities, I am in awe of them. There was another singer from Indian Idol 2 with them called Rakesh Maini. I remember watching him on TV. I was happy that he too got a chance. The energy in the auditorium was full on when Sunidhi and Ali sang their super hit songs. Sunidhi sang songs like Beedi jalaile, My name is Sheela , Disco Dewaane, Chokra Jawan re and Ali sang London, New York, Paris and Madhubala.  He also sang some old Hindi songs which could have been avoided. I can see why he had to do that though. Ali does not have many songs to his credit yet. However, the audience went berserk with Ali's grand finale performance of Madhubala. He then flung his snug, by now, sweaty leather jacket into the audience. Some lucky (?), screaming girl, must have got it. Some young girls next to me were screaming his name so loudly, that I had to close my ears. All he did was wink at them and they were so happy. Such is the power of a celebrity. One question came to my mind. Why promote Pakistani artists in India, when there are so many talented Indian people, struggling to get work? I understand the whole India-Pakistan improving relations part, but not at the cost of ignoring good talent in our own country. Bu then again, who am I to say anything? It's just my opinion.  OK folks, parting tonight with a lovely ghazal by Jagit Singh. Jhuki, Jhuki si nazar. Sunidhi sang this for us. It was a pop rendition of the Ghazal. I hated it! In fact, a die hard Jagit Singh fan would have been offended, She was brave to even try it. So, I felt like listening to the original version. Enjoy my dear cyber family. Shub Ratri.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Absence of color - New color?

Hello blog friends!  Heard that Rakhi Sawant is standing for the Cine and Television Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) elections 2013 listening to issues of actors. I really hope she wins. The bold item girl, deserves a chance. She might eventually be able to knock some sense into the corrupt ruling people with her "bindaas bol" attitude. I also noticed that the Bachchans definitely have their PR staff working overtime for them. TOI had an article today, that said Aaradhya Bachchan is the most stylish Bollywood baby. What a random statement to make. This is because the Bachchans were spotted arriving from New York when Aaradhya was dressed in leopard print tights and a scarf. Really? This type of outfit is readily available for kids her age in any dress store. Nothing fashionable about it. Talking about fashion, I would hate to be in Kim Kardashian's shoes right now. With every pound she is gaining, the media is splashing a nasty new nick name for her on magazines. It must be dreadful to be called Shamu the killer whale. Don't worry Kim, size zero can wait till after the baby.
I just realized that every day you wake up, you have the opportunity to be creative. From sunrise to sunset, your day is filled with opportunities to let your creative juices flow. Right from picking your outfit, fixing your hair, making breakfast, tackling work, picking material to read etc, etc.

Imagine a day, when you wake up, that everything is black and white. There is absolutely no color in the world. Not even black and white. Everything is transparent. Life would have been boring and chaotic too. We would all be living a blind man's world. So, what is so color? Is that a new color? Or is it black? Has anyone ever solved this mystery? Color means so much to me. I would go under depression, if there was no color. In fact, people at work always identify me with my colorful outfit and matching jewelery. They call me the 'colorful' person. That is the reason I dislike the cold and dark Winter season with naked trees and frosted leaves. Now, don't you all agree that God has carefully planned the world. Thank God!
Leaving you tonight with this beautiful song "Raat Ka Sama" from the movie Ziddi  which was made ion 1964. Enjoy! Shub Ratri.