Monday, May 13, 2013

If I had a twin...

Kem cho folks? Yeah, I was busy shopping last weekend. Window shopping that is. I was so happy to see the beautiful colors in the store. The weather may not be cooperating with us, in this part of the world, but the stores are keeping up with the seasonal changes in fashion. It's really cheerful to walk through the aisles and to feel the smooth fabrics and admire the latest patterns, fabrics and colors. It was so depressing to see those dreary black and grey colors of the winter. If I were a fashion designer, I would change the whole scenario. I would opt for bright colors in the winter too! But the fashion police in this country would get me for it. All this talk about colors, reminds me of this Song of the day from the movie Prem Pujari.

I watched the movie Aashiqui 2 last night. I can't believe that Shraddha Kapoor is Shakti Kapoor's daughter. She is so cute. So innocent and lovely.
It is believed that there are 7 people who look like us living some where around the world and they may not be our relative. Here is an example of A John Abraham lookalike. Hmm Pretty close haan?

I always wondered, how would life be if I had a twin? I think I would be the naughtier one. I would want my sister to be protective of me and often cover up for me. I always like to see twins be so close to each other, wearing same clothes, sharing same opinions etc. Its nice to see yourself live! You would know exactly how you look to the world. It would be very clear as to what hairstyle, what clothes, what makeup suits you as you could experiment on the twin. It would be like mirror on the go. She would always compliment me as I would look just like her. We would be the best of friends, while most people in this world are all by themselves. I have seen my twin cousin sisters, help each other in studies. One read aloud and the other just listened. They would stay up all night, just before an exam and study together. And the surprising part was they ended up getting the same marks. I remember thinking that is so cool. They would get in trouble for the same exact reasons. They would have the same thoughts, simultaneously. As amazing as that might sound, I am sure, having a twin can be annoying at times too. People ask all kinds of silly questions like "can you read each others minds?" "If I pinch you will she feel the pinch?" etc. Also, we would constantly be compared to each other making life very competitive most of the time. Not a good feeling to have. I haven't met even one of the 7 lookalikes of me yet. I hope to meet at least one of them soon. Will keep an eye out!. Good night folks! XOXO.


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