Monday, May 28, 2012


Hi there friends! I was having too much fun to miss this spot. A long weekend of 3 days with too much sun. Enjoyed 2 grand parties. I watched the movie Dictator. I thought, it was funny but WRONG on many different levels.  Too many things have happened around the world since I was last here. I feel sorry for the people in India. How on earth can they afford petrol anymore? So happy for SRK. Finally, he has something to celebrate. KKR wins against CSK. And Ash, managed to wow the public at Cannes. She said, she is enjoying motherhood is happy that she has so much love coming her way and has decided to ignore her haters who are like a drop in the ocean. Really Ash?  Ok, whatever works! Highlight of last week was Karan's Johar's 40th B'day bash! It was a grand affair complete with diamond studded velvet curtains and a certain Pee Cee attending the party and making amends with K.J. Yeah, SRK came with Gauri. Alls well, that's ends well I guess. Song of the day, soemone sang this song at the party last Sunday. I am sure most of you hav eheard it. Lovely song.

Kehna hai, kehna hai
Aaj tumse yeh pehli baar
Ho, oh, tum hi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere pyaar, pyaar, pyaar :-)
Everyone needs tips/remedies in life be it for cooking, cleaning, bringing up children etc. These remedies are centuries old and are passed onto next generation in Indian households. The popularity of remedies maybe because they are natural and have zero side-effects. While it is effective in some cases, in my opinion, it is always safe to consult a doctor and get alopathic treatment. We have heard of  herbs like neem, tulsi, sambrapalli, etc. to have medicinal value. Today, these herbs are used as medicine in the science of Ayurveda in India.

Whenever, I hear the word "nuskha" only one person comes to mind. She was a lady who used to wash dishes in houses in Mangalore. This story was narrated to me by one of our family friends. This uncle had a brother who was suffering from diarrhea for a month. They tried all medicines prescribed by general practitioners in Mangalore, but in vain. So they took him to Wenlock hospital, the number one hospital in Mangalore at that time. After hours of examining and poking the poor little boy with sharp syringes, the doctors at Wenlock hospital told the family to give the young boy whatever he wishes to eat in the next few days, meaning they had given hopes and it was THE END for the boy. The saddened family, took the boy home by taxi. The little boy had no energy left to walk. So, the uncle decided to carry him inside the house. Hearing and seeing all this commotion, the neighborhood soon came together to see what was the issue. Among them, was the maid woman called Neel-amma. She offered the boy her remedy, which was a powder that she had mixed. It was her own concoction. She refused to share the ingredients as she was afraid that the powder would lose its power. She was not money minded either, as she refused to take money for her service or product. Bless Neel-amma's heart, the little boy recovered the very next day. The uncle swears by this powder, as he has witnessed many other people getting cured by it. I have my own doubts though. Today, Neel-amma is no more. Unfortunately, she has not passed on her secret recipe to the next generation. Today, Babas like Ramdev, help keep these traditions alive. People, (who have no other choice), do believe in it. While, I do see the power of these "Jadi Booti's" I am not 100% convinced. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome

Hallo Freunde! Learning a new language is so difficult isn't it? I wish I had learnt either German or French in school. It would have been so useful today. I just came across an advertisement from McDonald's in Hindi. The world is becoming small folks! There was a time when Indians in the US was a HUGE deal. Not a bad day considering I caught up with 3 friends after a long time. My friend from NJ is a very good singer. While I was cooking, she entertained me with her songs. Shekar walked in at that moment and requested her to sing a song for him and she sang the Bhajan "Baja Govindam" for him. I could not believe how she not only knew the tune but also the words. She has a beautiful voice. Shekar was very impressed by her melodious rendition! Song of the day from the 1975 movie Mausam. This song is sung in two different tunes. Can someone point out the other tune?

 Dil dhoondhtaa, hai phir wahi fursat Ke raat din
 baithhe rahen tasawwur-e-Jaanaa kiye huye
 dil dhoondhtaa, hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din
 dil dhoondhtaa, hai phir wahie

I went for a walk after a long time. Yes, it's thinking time again.

Life is like ice cream. TASTE it and it will melt, WASTE it and it will still melt. So, learn to TASTE life, it's getting WASTE-d anyways. I read this somewhere. I feel that life is just passing by and indeed getting wasted.   I have this void that needs to be filled. Learning new things, making new friends, vacations, hobbies are all ways to keep oneself occupied and diverted. My fear is, if at this age I have this "been there, done it" feeling, what will be my plight after the kids leave home? It scares me. I definitely don't want to be winding down. Instead I want to plan my next chapter with care, so it's fulfilling. People tell me that husband and wife become more close to each other during this time. It's time to rediscover each other. A second honeymoon so to say. I see that happening in our house too to some extent. The arguments have decreased quiet a lot, but our interests remain different. One way to stay in tune with each other, is to try to get involved in each other interests. Believe me, I have tried playing golf, which he loves. I had rather spend that time, shopping or watching a movie, or talking to a friend. It's just not working. I think I need more like minded girl friends to hang out. Volunteering, could be another option. The best way to wean yourself from your own misery is to help someone else. Slowing down occurs automatically. Age is to be blamed. This is the time, when I feel, living in India, with our own people would be a better option. Not that in India, people have the time to entertain these days. At least, when you step out of the house, you are guaranteed to see lots of people on the roads, unlike here. For now, I am planning to join a desi music club soon. Will keep you posted. Life does have lot of fun things to offer. It's just a matter of tapping into what works for you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hell-o friends! Constructive weekend folks! Watched a few friends get ready for an "evening gown" party on Friday night, all the time wishing that I could participate too! Felt so low, that went to the gym and burnt calories. Sat. attended a Satyanarayan Pooja again! I hope I get all the blessings for this. So badly need it. Sunday, re potted all my house plants. I used Miracle grow soil on a friend's recommendation. I am hoping and praying that the kadi patta plant grows into a humongous tree as claimed by that brand. I was still having 2 hours to kill, so went back to the gym and swam for an hour. Weighed myself and guess what folks? 3 pounds lighter! Yeah, baby! Felt so good, that came home and ate so much. I am sure, I gained all of it back. :(  I am starting to fall in love with a song form Vicky Donor. You all  know what that means my friends. It's the song of the day.

Whatever it means, it sounds so romantic! The guitar makes it so sexy!
I love lists. So today, I decided to make a list of my top ten insecurities that I can't seem to overcome.

1. Being a good mother
2. Body - I am my own critic
3. Weight - On going, phew!
4. Appearance - Don't want to look too old
5.  Wanting to prove myself both professionally and personally
6.  Wanting to be needed
7. Hiding behind an ego
8. Trying to keep conversations going
9. Dining manners
10. Sweaty hands

I think my securities far outweigh my insecurities. Good news is that the list is getting shorter as I am getting older and wiser. Signing off now. Shubh ratri folks!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Party on!

Hello world! Experiencing new growing pains today. I am getting the tingling feeling in my hands. Not sure why. Better day for my knee tough. Made some egg curry tonight. I love eggs. I can eat it in any form. It's been a while since I ate an omelet. Got to make it this weekend. Hey, I finally organised my closet. I have collected 2 bags of old clothes to get rid off. I have to take the next step of actually getting rid of them. Alright then, moving along... today's Song of the day from the movie F.A.L.T.U.

Aaj hai Friday night mein chalun apne friends ke saath

Random spinning wheels meri boom boom car
Laga ke CD player hum toh chale hain tayaar
Speaker maare bass karde sab ke kaan faadh, say what
Hello Mr. DJ, mera gaane please play
Aaj no wine, aaj no lager, aaj peeyenge champagne
Ba ba ba boozing dancing and we cruzing
Bouncer panga leta hai toh, gotta keep it moving
Char baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai

To all the PARTY people!!! ENJOY!!!

I remember playing "tea party" as a kid with my friends. We played it so often. There was a certain excitement about arranging the cups and saucers on a table and pouring "pretend" tea into the cup and offering it to friends. It was a reason to hang out with close friends and enjoy each others company. We do the same thing as adults too! I like the carefree nature of the parties. Everyone who attend parties come with the same mindset - relax and have a good time. Add drinks to the party and suddenly everyone is "happier". It's a good way to let go of the stresses of life and escape from reality for sometime.The whole scene is an adult fantasy land. You dress up, have a few drinks, meet new people, have fun conversations and eat good food. I like making small talk with new people. It's fun to slowly but surely get to know the person. It's exciting when you find out that the other person has similar interests as you. According to me, people make a party. The sillier and funnier the people are, the more rocking the party becomes. Hence, the line "Party like a Rockstar". I personally enjoy the pre-party experience. It feels good to wake up in the morning knowing that there is a party to attend in the evening. It makes for a beautiful (tiring) day. But all the work is so worth it, knowing that the evening of fun is yet to start. I get an adrenalin rush just imagining the evening full of fun and laughter. The whole process of decorating the house, picking the perfect dress and accessories, cooking the food, making a CD with the right music and getting all the work done in time to start the party is much like getting ready for a date. [Not that I have much experience in that area;)]. I hate the time between when all the work is done and the first guest shows up. I feel that the time just crawls, My perfect party has a format. Appetizers with drinks, games, dinner, DANCING, dessert, talent show (like songs, skits, jokes, etc.) tea and then analysis of the party with the last few close friends who stay back for some extra time - in that very sequence. An then the guests actually leave. The party is over. That means clean up time. Not my favorite. Nevertheless, I am particular that the house absolutely has to look the way it was Now, this has made me want to have a party at my place soon! Till next time, party on friends. Life is too short.:)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Greeting Cards

Happy Mother's day! Most beautiful weekend ever! Gorgeous weather, food, and friends. On Friday, I watched Vicky Donor. Hilarious! My only complaint is Bollywood thinks of  only Punjabis when making movies. This movie was also shot in Delhi. On Saturday, we attended a baby shower and today was Mother's day which we celebrated with a buffet brunch. Now I have a severe headache from all the overeating. Today's song of the day, no points for guessing, is dedicated to ALL Moms, who know the pains of raising a child. My mother was, is and probably will be a huge influence for me, all through my life.

Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin
Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa
Yun To Main, Dikhlata Nahin
Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa
Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Hain Na Maa
Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Meri Maa

Aamir Khan the man with a Midas touch, completely bowled all of us with this song. A new sense of respect for a mother was awakened in all Indians.
Greeting cards make millions of people happy everyday all around the world. The picture above is a typical scene in a greeting card shop today. There is a card for every occasion. In fact, within a category, there are so many cards that it gets confusing to pick the perfect card that says exactly what we have in mind. Nevertheless, there is great joy in giving and receiving cards. For people who cannot express their thoughts clearly in words, greeting cards are a boon in disguise. When I was in college,  I know of a boy, who gave 21 greeting cards to a girl that he cared for on her 21st B'day. Wow! wonder what the boys thinks if that action now? The tradition of writing letters is age old. In olden days people used pigeons to send messages to each other. This clearly shows that this is a tradition that will stay till the end of time. Thanks to ever evolving technology, it's becoming easier and easier to send greeting cards to each other. E-cards help save trees and time. I personally feel, that greeting cards can never take the place of a hand written note. I feel so happy when my kids give me cards that they create at school. I received one from Rohit on Friday for mothers day. The personal touch of a hand written card means everything to me. A hand written note is not as easy as going to a store and picking up a card. The person would have actually sat down and spent considerable amount of time writing things keeping you and ONLY you in mind. Sadly, gone are those days. I can't remember when I last wrote a card to someone.Today, there is Face book, that gives a reminder about upcoming Birthdays. Not the same, but now more people wish you and it definitely feels good. Ultimately, in today's fast paced times, anything that can make life simpler is worth pursuing.  Be it e-messages or even e -cards.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

You've got mail

I hope all of you have been in good health and spirits lately. I had a blast at a gals night out on Sat. It also happened to be Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican holiday celebrating the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5. The common misconception about this holiday is that it is the Mexican Independence day. On the drive back home, I saw the beautiful super moon. Thanks to Aamir Khan, Sunday mornings will never be the same anymore. Watched the opening episode of Satyameva Jayate. Went through a whole box of tissue. Hard hitting reality, unfolded to public slowly but surely. I hope it brings about the change that Aamir Khan is set out to bring. As for me, I spoilt my Sunday. I am still feeling low. So, to lift my spirits, I decided to plant rose plants in my garden. It was so much fun. A couple who was taking a walk, stopped and gave me a compliment on my garden. I can't wait till the new plants start to bloom. Song of the day is dedicated to Super moon and the King of gazals, who is sadly no more -  Jagjit Singh:
Kal chaudvin ki raat thi
Shab bhar raha charcha tera
Kal chaudvin ki raat thi
Kuch ne kaha yeh chaand hai
Kuch ne kaha chehra tera

Remember the days when we used to receive hand written letters delivered by a postman? The postman would generally visit more or less at lunch time. He would throw the letters from the open window of the veranda shouting out loud "Post!".  I miss those days. I think I received my first crisp blue letter when I was in the 12th std. My cousin from Mangalore sent it to me. She used what was called the inland letter to write it. . See below.
I can remember the faint sweet smell of the letter even today. The letter was an invitation to visit them during summer holidays. I was thrilled to no end. I immediately wrote back to her with trembling hands, as it was my first time writing a personal letter. I did not know the format. I just copied exactly what she did. I managed to write a paragraph. I gave it to my Dad to post it. After that experience, I went on to make a pen pal. Now, that was so fascinating. Not knowing who you are writing to and slowly over many exchange of letters and days of anticipation, you would get to know the person.  I remember waiting near the window of the veranda in my parents house for the khaki clad postman. I remember the disappointment when he would pass our house and deliver the letters to our neighbor. There was a certain pattern to opening those inland letters. Open it any other way and there was a fear of losing the    flow. In sheer excitement, I have managed to tear the letter incorrectly many a times. There was a sense of satisfaction, to sign a well written inland letter and seal it with a lick. The after taste of the glue was disgusting. Those days we had to go to a post office to mail the letter. There was only one in Manipal. I used to bike there to post it. Today, all this is replaced by emails, sms's and instant messages. Even tough, the surprise element still remains in receiving an unexpected email, it cannot match up to the experience of receiving an actual hand written letter.