Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome

Hallo Freunde! Learning a new language is so difficult isn't it? I wish I had learnt either German or French in school. It would have been so useful today. I just came across an advertisement from McDonald's in Hindi. The world is becoming small folks! There was a time when Indians in the US was a HUGE deal. Not a bad day considering I caught up with 3 friends after a long time. My friend from NJ is a very good singer. While I was cooking, she entertained me with her songs. Shekar walked in at that moment and requested her to sing a song for him and she sang the Bhajan "Baja Govindam" for him. I could not believe how she not only knew the tune but also the words. She has a beautiful voice. Shekar was very impressed by her melodious rendition! Song of the day from the 1975 movie Mausam. This song is sung in two different tunes. Can someone point out the other tune?

 Dil dhoondhtaa, hai phir wahi fursat Ke raat din
 baithhe rahen tasawwur-e-Jaanaa kiye huye
 dil dhoondhtaa, hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din
 dil dhoondhtaa, hai phir wahie

I went for a walk after a long time. Yes, it's thinking time again.

Life is like ice cream. TASTE it and it will melt, WASTE it and it will still melt. So, learn to TASTE life, it's getting WASTE-d anyways. I read this somewhere. I feel that life is just passing by and indeed getting wasted.   I have this void that needs to be filled. Learning new things, making new friends, vacations, hobbies are all ways to keep oneself occupied and diverted. My fear is, if at this age I have this "been there, done it" feeling, what will be my plight after the kids leave home? It scares me. I definitely don't want to be winding down. Instead I want to plan my next chapter with care, so it's fulfilling. People tell me that husband and wife become more close to each other during this time. It's time to rediscover each other. A second honeymoon so to say. I see that happening in our house too to some extent. The arguments have decreased quiet a lot, but our interests remain different. One way to stay in tune with each other, is to try to get involved in each other interests. Believe me, I have tried playing golf, which he loves. I had rather spend that time, shopping or watching a movie, or talking to a friend. It's just not working. I think I need more like minded girl friends to hang out. Volunteering, could be another option. The best way to wean yourself from your own misery is to help someone else. Slowing down occurs automatically. Age is to be blamed. This is the time, when I feel, living in India, with our own people would be a better option. Not that in India, people have the time to entertain these days. At least, when you step out of the house, you are guaranteed to see lots of people on the roads, unlike here. For now, I am planning to join a desi music club soon. Will keep you posted. Life does have lot of fun things to offer. It's just a matter of tapping into what works for you.

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  1. How will you know that I sang the song in 2 tunes? :-P