Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fake or Real?

Namaskar friends! I had an ok weekend. I spent Saturday cleaning house and Sunday was a day for finishing errands. My dear friend Anu and I were talking and she was humming this song to me, which I picked as the Song of the day from the movie Dushman. Not only is the song really good, the first 2 lines (below are so true.
Sachchaai Chhup Nahin Sakti, Banaavat Ke Usoolon Se
Ki Khushboo Aa Nahin Sakti, Kabhi Kaagaz Ke Phoolon Se

We all want to have good friends around us. I often meet people that are fun to be with initially. Then, as the friendship develops, you gradually realize that these are not really the people who you thought they were. Then come the awkward moments of thinking of numerous reasons to avoid them. So, how do we determine if the people are fake or real?  A real friend would put you first sometimes, be there for you during both good and bad times, knows when to give you some space, is happy for you when you succeed, respects your idiosyncrasies and to top it all makes you laugh. I have always found 'real" friends by trial and error. The process is too long and sometimes very painful. With age, we get set in our own ways of living. I find that its better to be alone than be with some "fake" friends. I used to want to have a lot of friends to enjoy life. But with some bad experiences, I have  come to the conclusion that quality is better than quantity when it comes to friends. Every person changes at some point in life. Friends stay and accept. Shub Ratri folks!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Celebrity talk

Hello friends! It's clearly a week where headlines were ruled by celebrities. While actresses like Vidya Balan, Aishwarya Rai and Freida Pinto were a shame at the festival with their Indian outfits, actress Sonam Kapoor was a breath of fresh air, although I did not like her clothes either. The other names that caught my attention this week were, Madhuri Dixit, Angelina Jolie, Sanjay Dutt and now Michael Jackson.  Folks, the dancing diva, Mohini  aka Madhuri Dixit is back, with her expressive, vivacious, energetic, dance steps. Unfortunately, she has been misused as an item girl. A lady with such grace and dignity has also stooped to this level. How unfortunate! I know Ranbir had a desire to work with MD, but what was he thinking- really? The song does not work as RK and MD do not look good together. This goes to prove that chemistry is a vital part between a pair in a song, dance sequence. And with a name like "Ghagra" to the song, one would expect MD to wear gorgeous Manish Malhotra designed heavy Ghagra cholis. Alas! I was disappointed with the tacky outfits. I know its because the song is taking place at a brothel. I still could not digest this in the case of MD. The song however, is growing on me. I noticed that the word Via-Agra is chosen very intelligently. Vishal and Shekar do justice to the tune. I liked Rekha Bhardwaj's voice in the song "Namak"  from her "Omkara" days. She is sounding good here too. Judge for yourself. I have posted it as the Song of the day below.

It's women power all the way. As if adopting so many children and taking care of them was not enough of an achievement, this gorgeous lady called Angelina Jolie underwent a preventive double mastectomy after learning she carried a gene that increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Not only that, I heard this morning on the radio, that she is considering another surgery to remover her ovaries too! True definition of a diva. Beauty with brains all the way. A pioneer! It must have been a  tough decision for a girl known for her beauty to go under the knife for the "right" reason for once And Brad Pitt deserves a honorary mention here for great support. An unusual couple for sure.
Poor Sanjay Dutt, finally surrendered to serve the remaining three-and-a-half years of his prison term today for possessing illegal arms in a case linked to the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. In the end Cine stars are real people with emotions. A 53 year old man, who had finally proved to become a good citizen, is behind bars now, when so many real criminal are freely roaming the streets of India. So sad the Indian Judicial system takes so long to give a verdict. Like Mahesh Bhatt said "To assert that Sanju must be totally cut off from society because he is absolutely evil amounts to saying that society is absolutely good".  Hmm something to think about. Sanju Baba, hope you come out of jail stronger. Three-and-a-half years will fly by.
Wade Robson, a dancer who frequently visited Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch as a child, called MJ a pedophile and a child sexual abuser" in an interview Thursday on NBC's "Today Show. He said Jackson "performed sexual acts on him and forced him to perform sexual acts on him" from ages 7 to 14. The question remains why is wade revealing this today, after MJ's death? MJ's Nephew Taj Jackson is defending MJ on Twitter. I am sure, time will shed more light on this mystery. Till then. lets all stay glued to the idiot box. I can't stand the gossip of celebrities' lives, all the time! Every minute! Ok, who am I kidding. It's hard to find normal celebrities. That's what makes them interesting. Shub Ratri folks.

Monday, May 13, 2013

If I had a twin...

Kem cho folks? Yeah, I was busy shopping last weekend. Window shopping that is. I was so happy to see the beautiful colors in the store. The weather may not be cooperating with us, in this part of the world, but the stores are keeping up with the seasonal changes in fashion. It's really cheerful to walk through the aisles and to feel the smooth fabrics and admire the latest patterns, fabrics and colors. It was so depressing to see those dreary black and grey colors of the winter. If I were a fashion designer, I would change the whole scenario. I would opt for bright colors in the winter too! But the fashion police in this country would get me for it. All this talk about colors, reminds me of this Song of the day from the movie Prem Pujari.

I watched the movie Aashiqui 2 last night. I can't believe that Shraddha Kapoor is Shakti Kapoor's daughter. She is so cute. So innocent and lovely.
It is believed that there are 7 people who look like us living some where around the world and they may not be our relative. Here is an example of A John Abraham lookalike. Hmm Pretty close haan?

I always wondered, how would life be if I had a twin? I think I would be the naughtier one. I would want my sister to be protective of me and often cover up for me. I always like to see twins be so close to each other, wearing same clothes, sharing same opinions etc. Its nice to see yourself live! You would know exactly how you look to the world. It would be very clear as to what hairstyle, what clothes, what makeup suits you as you could experiment on the twin. It would be like mirror on the go. She would always compliment me as I would look just like her. We would be the best of friends, while most people in this world are all by themselves. I have seen my twin cousin sisters, help each other in studies. One read aloud and the other just listened. They would stay up all night, just before an exam and study together. And the surprising part was they ended up getting the same marks. I remember thinking that is so cool. They would get in trouble for the same exact reasons. They would have the same thoughts, simultaneously. As amazing as that might sound, I am sure, having a twin can be annoying at times too. People ask all kinds of silly questions like "can you read each others minds?" "If I pinch you will she feel the pinch?" etc. Also, we would constantly be compared to each other making life very competitive most of the time. Not a good feeling to have. I haven't met even one of the 7 lookalikes of me yet. I hope to meet at least one of them soon. Will keep an eye out!. Good night folks! XOXO.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Kem Cho blog friends? As if, the first movie,Yamla Pagla Deewana was not enough, now Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 is going to release soon. Just by having SRK, Aamir and Hrithik unveil the music, doesn't make the movie more attractive. The glamour value of the event, might raise some curiosity, but all these three Deols (Father and 2 sons) should actually now retire. They don't have the power to attract audiences to the theater any more. One movie that has caught my attention, which is to release soon is Aurangazeb. The star cast is very interesting. It's got Arjun Kapoor in double role (hmm can't digest that). Does he deserve to be in the industry? And they are introducing Sashaa Agha daughter of Salma Agha. Looks to me that Sreedevi is under pressure to look younger. I noticed her dressing style in recent events. Dresses and skirts do not really suit her anymore. I think she looks gorgeous in Indian wear, especially in sarees. So, the Bollywood scene is bustling with promos of soon to release movies. I am looking forward to having an entertaining Summer.

I just read an article about a choice made by this kid, Cao, who chose University of Virginia over Harvard, Stanford and several other Ivy league Colleges. All his life he dreamt about going to Harvard and when the time came, he chose UVA. His explanation was, he thought he would fit in better at UVA. Since it is a matter of being at a college for 4 years, he had rather be at a place, where he felt comfortable. Kudos to this kid. After all, we live only once and everyone has the right to be happy. It is the choices we make that shapes our lives.  I remember listening to Dr. Phil say that most choices are made out of fear. In the example above of Cao, he made a choice form his heart. So proud of this young boy. At such a young age he could make such a wise choice for himself. He said it is one thing to be proud and walk among relatives and friends talking about getting admitted to Harvard. But in reality, he has to spend 4 years of his life in an uncomfortable situation where he thought that the students were somewhat pretentious. Some of my top choices in life are:

1. My job - I feel if you are not happy at the workplace its time to change jobs. After all we spend at least 8 hours, in the workplace. It's important to have a safe, productive, stress free work place.
2. My friends - We cannot choose family, but when it comes to choosing friends there is always an option. Friends should always bring the best in you.
3. Partner  - I would have liked him to be of my choice too! Indian traditions took over in this case and we learnt to like each other.
4. How to raise kids - This is solely the choice of parents. If we have given birth to beautiful children, it is only our right to bring them up the way we want. I have zero tolerance for interference from others in this case.
5. My life philosophy - This is THE most important choice in my life. I live by certain principles that are defined by me and only me. And I believe, I have made an educated choice and no one can change that. Whether it is religion, politics, traditions etc.

It is often said that life is a series of choices. So, choose them carefully my dear friends. Lets all together live a happy life. Live and let live. Leaving you tonight with this melodious Song of the day from the movie Khilona. Enjoy!


Thursday, May 02, 2013

Counting Sheep?

Hello blog friends! Today, every Indian is probably feeling strongly against Pakistan, for the loss of  a selfless hero called Sarabjit Singh. May his soul rest in peace. Let us all Indians stand united and salute this hero. Indian govt. is solely responsible for this victim's tragic murder in Pakistan. Safety has become a world wide issue these days. I just happened to notice that every school, company etc. has the word "safe" in their mission statement. Talking about observations, I really liked what Karan Johar had to say about social media. He thinks social media has killed the star. He feels that it has brought more exposure to stars and that the kind of manic hero worship is going to diminish. There are too many younger stars. And by virtue of the numbers, stardom will be divided among the younger lot. It's so true. The entertainment industry was like a dream to most people some years back. But with You Tube and social media, more and more people are pursuing their dream of joining the glamorous (so it seems) media industry. Filmmakers are also looking for newer faces. All people seeking a pivotal role. With new story ideas, and younger filmmakers, I think this dream appears to be more achievable. I wish that was the case when I was younger. I am sure there is an entertainer/actor is all of us waiting to come out. We have all stood in front of the mirror sometime, pretending to be a stat. I admit I have. I used to adore Madhuri Dixit and Sreedevi during my college days. I have practiced their dance moves and dialogues in front of the mirror.

Legend says that if u can't sleep at night...its because you are awake in someone elses' dream. I read this on Facebook as someone's status some days ago. Last night, I slept very little as my mind got thinking and would not shut up. I kept tossing and turning all night and because of that I am so tired tonight and also cranky. A stimulated mind is the main reason why I can't fall asleep. It mostly happens to me when there is an important event the next day and I need to be alert. So, I was just trying to understand, what can one do in such situations. We tell our children to count backwards when they can't fall asleep, and that usually works for them. But as adults, it's more difficult. I find myself saying  "I've got to go to sleep." The more I try to will myself into sleep, the more conscious I become of not being able to doze off. I can hear the smallest of noises, like the clock ticking, family breathing, breeze outside etc. Suddenly all noises seem to be amplified. For the fear of waking up everyone else, I find it best to stay in bed and suffer silently. So today, I took the help of Google guruji. Believe it or not, the best thing to do when you can't fall asleep is get out of bed. Just go to another area of the house that does not involve a bed. Maybe the kitchen. Do some other activity for sometime till your mind gets bored. The only way you can fall asleep when you are completely relaxed and in a peaceful state. An excellent way to quiet your body and mind before bedtime is to use one of the active relaxation techniques like slow breathing and happy thoughts.

Therefore the pick of this song tonight. as the Song of the day from the 1974 movie Aap ki kasam. Enjoy! Shub Ratri.