Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Blog?

I have started blogging because I can do it for free. I don't need to have a Journalism degree or anything to voice my opinions. I can be a poor man's Shobhaa De or whatever she calls herself these days. Correct?  Here I am on April 27, 2011.  Two days before the Royal Wedding. (I hear you, enough already!).  I have fun things to talk about. People say that I like to talk about myself ALL the time. Hence the title of my blog. My posts will be all about what I have experienced so far. They will be short and sweet. The posts will be written in my own created language (mixture of many languages and slang). I call it "Mayalish".  There is no particular structure to my posts. If you are looking for information or perfect sense making posts, then I must warn you that my blog is not for you. Hoping that everyone who reads this leaves a comment, unlike Facebook where after having a so called 'A' list of friends, no one bothers to comment. Tired of that. Really!

So, here is to a new world of  Maya's blogging with an enthusiastic (hopefully) group of friends. Cheers to crazy talk!!!

Loving it!!