Thursday, May 02, 2013

Counting Sheep?

Hello blog friends! Today, every Indian is probably feeling strongly against Pakistan, for the loss of  a selfless hero called Sarabjit Singh. May his soul rest in peace. Let us all Indians stand united and salute this hero. Indian govt. is solely responsible for this victim's tragic murder in Pakistan. Safety has become a world wide issue these days. I just happened to notice that every school, company etc. has the word "safe" in their mission statement. Talking about observations, I really liked what Karan Johar had to say about social media. He thinks social media has killed the star. He feels that it has brought more exposure to stars and that the kind of manic hero worship is going to diminish. There are too many younger stars. And by virtue of the numbers, stardom will be divided among the younger lot. It's so true. The entertainment industry was like a dream to most people some years back. But with You Tube and social media, more and more people are pursuing their dream of joining the glamorous (so it seems) media industry. Filmmakers are also looking for newer faces. All people seeking a pivotal role. With new story ideas, and younger filmmakers, I think this dream appears to be more achievable. I wish that was the case when I was younger. I am sure there is an entertainer/actor is all of us waiting to come out. We have all stood in front of the mirror sometime, pretending to be a stat. I admit I have. I used to adore Madhuri Dixit and Sreedevi during my college days. I have practiced their dance moves and dialogues in front of the mirror.

Legend says that if u can't sleep at night...its because you are awake in someone elses' dream. I read this on Facebook as someone's status some days ago. Last night, I slept very little as my mind got thinking and would not shut up. I kept tossing and turning all night and because of that I am so tired tonight and also cranky. A stimulated mind is the main reason why I can't fall asleep. It mostly happens to me when there is an important event the next day and I need to be alert. So, I was just trying to understand, what can one do in such situations. We tell our children to count backwards when they can't fall asleep, and that usually works for them. But as adults, it's more difficult. I find myself saying  "I've got to go to sleep." The more I try to will myself into sleep, the more conscious I become of not being able to doze off. I can hear the smallest of noises, like the clock ticking, family breathing, breeze outside etc. Suddenly all noises seem to be amplified. For the fear of waking up everyone else, I find it best to stay in bed and suffer silently. So today, I took the help of Google guruji. Believe it or not, the best thing to do when you can't fall asleep is get out of bed. Just go to another area of the house that does not involve a bed. Maybe the kitchen. Do some other activity for sometime till your mind gets bored. The only way you can fall asleep when you are completely relaxed and in a peaceful state. An excellent way to quiet your body and mind before bedtime is to use one of the active relaxation techniques like slow breathing and happy thoughts.

Therefore the pick of this song tonight. as the Song of the day from the 1974 movie Aap ki kasam. Enjoy! Shub Ratri.



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