Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Kem Cho blog friends? As if, the first movie,Yamla Pagla Deewana was not enough, now Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 is going to release soon. Just by having SRK, Aamir and Hrithik unveil the music, doesn't make the movie more attractive. The glamour value of the event, might raise some curiosity, but all these three Deols (Father and 2 sons) should actually now retire. They don't have the power to attract audiences to the theater any more. One movie that has caught my attention, which is to release soon is Aurangazeb. The star cast is very interesting. It's got Arjun Kapoor in double role (hmm can't digest that). Does he deserve to be in the industry? And they are introducing Sashaa Agha daughter of Salma Agha. Looks to me that Sreedevi is under pressure to look younger. I noticed her dressing style in recent events. Dresses and skirts do not really suit her anymore. I think she looks gorgeous in Indian wear, especially in sarees. So, the Bollywood scene is bustling with promos of soon to release movies. I am looking forward to having an entertaining Summer.

I just read an article about a choice made by this kid, Cao, who chose University of Virginia over Harvard, Stanford and several other Ivy league Colleges. All his life he dreamt about going to Harvard and when the time came, he chose UVA. His explanation was, he thought he would fit in better at UVA. Since it is a matter of being at a college for 4 years, he had rather be at a place, where he felt comfortable. Kudos to this kid. After all, we live only once and everyone has the right to be happy. It is the choices we make that shapes our lives.  I remember listening to Dr. Phil say that most choices are made out of fear. In the example above of Cao, he made a choice form his heart. So proud of this young boy. At such a young age he could make such a wise choice for himself. He said it is one thing to be proud and walk among relatives and friends talking about getting admitted to Harvard. But in reality, he has to spend 4 years of his life in an uncomfortable situation where he thought that the students were somewhat pretentious. Some of my top choices in life are:

1. My job - I feel if you are not happy at the workplace its time to change jobs. After all we spend at least 8 hours, in the workplace. It's important to have a safe, productive, stress free work place.
2. My friends - We cannot choose family, but when it comes to choosing friends there is always an option. Friends should always bring the best in you.
3. Partner  - I would have liked him to be of my choice too! Indian traditions took over in this case and we learnt to like each other.
4. How to raise kids - This is solely the choice of parents. If we have given birth to beautiful children, it is only our right to bring them up the way we want. I have zero tolerance for interference from others in this case.
5. My life philosophy - This is THE most important choice in my life. I live by certain principles that are defined by me and only me. And I believe, I have made an educated choice and no one can change that. Whether it is religion, politics, traditions etc.

It is often said that life is a series of choices. So, choose them carefully my dear friends. Lets all together live a happy life. Live and let live. Leaving you tonight with this melodious Song of the day from the movie Khilona. Enjoy!



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