Sunday, May 06, 2012

You've got mail

I hope all of you have been in good health and spirits lately. I had a blast at a gals night out on Sat. It also happened to be Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican holiday celebrating the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5. The common misconception about this holiday is that it is the Mexican Independence day. On the drive back home, I saw the beautiful super moon. Thanks to Aamir Khan, Sunday mornings will never be the same anymore. Watched the opening episode of Satyameva Jayate. Went through a whole box of tissue. Hard hitting reality, unfolded to public slowly but surely. I hope it brings about the change that Aamir Khan is set out to bring. As for me, I spoilt my Sunday. I am still feeling low. So, to lift my spirits, I decided to plant rose plants in my garden. It was so much fun. A couple who was taking a walk, stopped and gave me a compliment on my garden. I can't wait till the new plants start to bloom. Song of the day is dedicated to Super moon and the King of gazals, who is sadly no more -  Jagjit Singh:
Kal chaudvin ki raat thi
Shab bhar raha charcha tera
Kal chaudvin ki raat thi
Kuch ne kaha yeh chaand hai
Kuch ne kaha chehra tera

Remember the days when we used to receive hand written letters delivered by a postman? The postman would generally visit more or less at lunch time. He would throw the letters from the open window of the veranda shouting out loud "Post!".  I miss those days. I think I received my first crisp blue letter when I was in the 12th std. My cousin from Mangalore sent it to me. She used what was called the inland letter to write it. . See below.
I can remember the faint sweet smell of the letter even today. The letter was an invitation to visit them during summer holidays. I was thrilled to no end. I immediately wrote back to her with trembling hands, as it was my first time writing a personal letter. I did not know the format. I just copied exactly what she did. I managed to write a paragraph. I gave it to my Dad to post it. After that experience, I went on to make a pen pal. Now, that was so fascinating. Not knowing who you are writing to and slowly over many exchange of letters and days of anticipation, you would get to know the person.  I remember waiting near the window of the veranda in my parents house for the khaki clad postman. I remember the disappointment when he would pass our house and deliver the letters to our neighbor. There was a certain pattern to opening those inland letters. Open it any other way and there was a fear of losing the    flow. In sheer excitement, I have managed to tear the letter incorrectly many a times. There was a sense of satisfaction, to sign a well written inland letter and seal it with a lick. The after taste of the glue was disgusting. Those days we had to go to a post office to mail the letter. There was only one in Manipal. I used to bike there to post it. Today, all this is replaced by emails, sms's and instant messages. Even tough, the surprise element still remains in receiving an unexpected email, it cannot match up to the experience of receiving an actual hand written letter. 

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  1. chitti aayi hai aayi hai chitti aayi hai! Bade dinon ke baad Champak udhas aaya hai he he