Sunday, April 29, 2012

Divided India?

Hi friends. Fun 2 days. Back to work tomorrow. Saturday, was spent at the USA science and engineering festival in Washington DC. The kids enjoyed it. Shekar spent a lot of time explaining stuff to us. I tip my hat to all those intelligent engineers who are making lives a lot easier for all of us. Finally cleaned my car this afternoon. Can't wait to drive it tomorrow. For dinner, I made, Thai hot pepper shrimp with basil and peanuts. Exotic name but very simple to make. It was enjoyed by all of us. Next time I plan to make it with chicken. Just read Amitabh's statement on TOI. He is now ready to work with Rekha. Wow! I hope it really happens. It will be a treat to the eyes. So dedicating this Song of the day to the BEST romantic pair till date (SRK and Kajol come close second):

O pardesiya
Pardesiya yeh sach hai piya
Sab kehte hain maine tujhko dil de diya
Main kehti hoon tune mera dil le liya
It's 11:00 PM here. It is easier to write about an experience than something that has to be researched.  So, today I will relate an anecdote. There is clearly a divide in India between the North and the South Indians. A Chennai person is not easily accepted in Delhi and vice versa. Often, people misunderstand the North Indians to be rude and selfish because of their aggressive nature. North Indians are mostly businessmen who have to be somewhat aggressive to be successful. I see nothing wrong with that. South Indians are intellectual people, who strive to be the best in academics. They are simple and coy people. I am from South India, and growing up, I heard ONLY negative things about the North and the people who live there. However, throughout the years my experience with the North Indians has been different. On my recent trip to the North, I was touched by the behavior of a roadside shopkeeper who was selling jewellery. I had purchased some bangles for Rs. 200/- from him and I forgot to take the nicely packed bangles with me. After 2 days, I realised that the bangles were missing. So, I decided to meet the shopkeeper again, just to check. With no great expectations, I went to the shop. After walking up and down the streets of the market, trying to locate the shop, I found the shop and the shopkeeper. With no great expectations, I asked the man, if he remembered selling those pretty bangles to me? Guess what? He had saved it for me. Yes! I could not believe it. I even told him, that people say that it is easy to get duped in North India and he had proved otherwise. I thanked him profusely and wished him a very happy new year and left feeling very happy. In fact, I have got duped in South India many times. I have come home with sarees which had holes on the inside folds. I also noticed that people in North India love to feed their guests. They do it with a smile. Hospitality is very good. After this incident, I refuse to believe what others have to say. I will form my own opinion. Yes, there are all kinds of people in this world. My only hope is that people stop stereotyping. The world will be a better place then.:-) I love my India! With that thought in mind, I am going to wish all of you Shub Ratri and lots of love.


  1. Great that you like to see 60 and 70 + people romancing! Good luck to me if I have to watch that with you he he. What a heart warming story it was to read , about the beautiful barethreads (holes) in your saree, Those r actually airconditioners for the hot summers in India. South indians coy and simple , hmmm reading that is making me a little constipated but I'll eat some spinach and get over it harr harr. So happy chole to you !

  2. He he Anon funny. So you know, I do not like Chole.