Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The art of makeup

Hello blogdosts! Yes, new day, new look for this spot. Change is good they say. Hope all of you like it. Made a few changes in my life as well. It's all good. Normally, I am NOT a morning person. But today, I woke up a little early. I had no traffic hassles as the roads were empty due to spring break. I reached work really early. Broke a few records of the "so called" early birds at work. Got a lot done. Feels good. The statement, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise makes a lot of sense. Although, I did not sleep early last night. I stayed awake chatting with a good friend who was leaving for a trip today. She was showing me all the new clothes that she had purchased for the trip. How exciting!
Just today, some of us at work were discussing how movie stars look with and without makeup. Without makeup most of these stars look very ordinary. A talented makeup artist can transform a person into someone or something completely different, whether it's for beauty, costume or just for the sake of art. To these artists, it's well worth their efforts when they get honored with awards particulary in the movie industry. Too much makeup can be bad too! I am no expert, but I can speak about some bad cases in Bollywood as I tend to obeserve them closely. It's well known that Gauri Khan over does the oily look and I think she uses too much bronzer too. Sonam Kapoor, (brand ambassador for L'Oreal?!!) gets her makeup all wrong most of the time. She uses too much blush. Sorry Sonam, I don't think it is meant to be used as paint on your face. Foundation that does not match your skin can be so disastrous. Celina Jaitely and what's her name from the movie "Mere yaar ki shaadi hai", yes, Tulip Joshi (what were her parents thinking when they were naming her that) get it wrong ALL the time. See examples below. You will agree with me.

But then, there are the stars who get it 100% correct ALL the time, like Aishwarya Rai (not these days. I think she has lost it), Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma and these days even Kareena Kapoor. That makes them look so much more prettier than they probably, actually are. Personally, I feel women should start wearing makeup after the age of 30. This is the averge age when most women have kids. I feel after a delivery, a woman's body changes so much, that the right make up can create wonders. I also believe in minimal makeup. My everyday look includes black Kohl pencil for the eyes, black mascara and lipstick to match the outfit. I feel that if I do not use these 3 products, I have the sleepy look. The eyeliner definitely gives me the wide eyed look. On special ocassions, I do wear foundation, powder and blush. If you ask men, they would say that they like women without makeup. I agree that makeup does tend to make a woman look older than she really is. One day, I would love to learn the art of perfect makeup. Is there an App. for that? he he..


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