Monday, April 16, 2012

Kesariya balam aavo ni padharo maro desh

Namaskar friends! Beautiful weather and a good family outing makes for a Purrrfect weekend. Ate a lot of good food. My Indian friend from work and I were exchanging notes on the events of the weekend over coffee this morning (it has now become a tradtion). She happened to mention a song which she heard on TV after a long time. A beautiful Qawaali. "Chadta Suraj dheere dheere". Yes, friends that is the Song of the day. The singer is Aziz Naza. Not sure where I had heard it before. It's not a movie song for sure. If anyone knows please let me know.

As I was driving back home from work, I was remembering my trip to Rajasthan. From the title you must have guessed that today I will be writing about this magical land famous for its historical sites, rich culture and festivities. Traveling to Rajasthan can be a lifetime experience for anyone. Rajasthan presents a variety of forts, palaces, wildlife safaris, desert safaris in charming sand dunes and mouth-watering cuisines. Life is a celebration in Rajasthan. The spirit to live life every moment is expressed in the brightly colored costumes, coarse jewelry and the beautiful smile of the people that brings alive the dry desert. I felt so happy in the midst of these vibrant colors, something that we lack here in the US. Below are some pics. from my visit.
Amber Fort
Inside Amber Fort
Renovation in progress (reminded me of the movie "Love Aaj Kal")
Snake Charmers
Puppet Show (Love the colors)
Jal Mahal
Ended up here in search of a South Indian Thali (exactly what happens when you travel with "old" parents who are used to a set routine)
Jhantar Mantar. Here we had a guide who was a namuna. All through our trip we were imitating his accent. He used to Say - Dekho Daaaaaadaaa with every sentence. He was funny.
Hawa Mahal - It's just a wall. I used to think that this was a palace too!
There is so much more to Rajasthan than this. All this was in Jaipur. I definitely want to go back and see the other cities and do some more shopping on the train ride called palace on wheels, which takes us on the Delhi-Rajasthan tour - King Style!


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