Sunday, April 22, 2012

Next life I will be ?

Vanakkam dosts! Made the best of the weekend in spite of the crappy weather we had. On Sat. we met with friends at "The Curry Club" for dinner. Amazing masala chai! That did it for Sat. for me. Met a few ladies this evening to celebrate "Chaitra Gauri Vrat" (Gauri Pooja). One of my friends does this every year. I simply go, to be a part of the tradition. She washes our feet (yep, free pedicure) and then applies haldi. Apparently, this Vrat is done by wives for the longevity of their husbands. Having the Monday blues again folks. A few weeks ago, we were having a jamming session at home with some friends and we were singing this beautiful song. I remembered that song now, and I think I will make that the song of the day.

Bahut shukriya badi meherbani
Meri zindagi mein huzur aap aaye

Oh, did any of you notice the Google logo today? It's awesome! It was a bunch of flowers blooming in the shape of the logo and the caption was - Roses are red, violets are blue, for Earth Day this year, let'sall plant a few. Genius!

We often hear people say "is janam key burey karmo ka fal agle janam mein mil jaata hai". So is there such thing as "agle janam" (next life)? I would like to believe that there is. Everything in nature moves in cycles. We have the cycle of seasons, cycle of day and night. Similarly, I think there is a cycle of birth and death. My FIL once told me that a soul takes seven lives altogether. After a lot of good deeds the "soul" takes the form of a human being. So friends this is it! All of us have now achieved the highest form of life. We had seven chances to do good. Make the best of this, one life to live. We have heard stories where people can actually recall events from their previous lives. They say that hypnotists can actually help people bring back these memories. I remember once when I was around 10 yrs old, my uncle tried hypnotism on me. He convinced me that he will find out about my past. I remembered being very scared and out of fear, I pretended that I was hypnotised and answered his questions. He made me believe that I was a CAT in my previous life. I remember him asking me to say meoooooooooooow. Oh, I was silly then. I have experienced the Deja vu moment. Have you not? It makes you believe in past life. The same explanation can be given to people who fall in love. There is some connection from their past lives. Today we call it "love at first sight". Heaven, hell, reincarnation, all these are concepts that people have been guessing. There is no scientific proof to this. If it works for you, just enjoy it.


  1. ha ha ha my prediction was so close meowlarious he he. So did u eat the "mouse" once u came out of ur "hypnotism"? he he he he he

  2. BTW good luck with your FIL for the next six lives meow meow meow he he he he