Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long days at work?

Hegiddhira? It's raining here. Wish I had Ramu Kaka to make pakoda and chai. I had to settle for bournvita instead. I have been a good girl so far with drinking milk for the past few days. However, bad luck has been following me like a shadow. I dropped pipping hot water on my left hand, day before yesterday and just as I was getting used to that pain, I tripped and fell on concrete floor on the rooftop of my building at work. Ouch! I was rushing to see the space shuttle "discovery" landing here at Dulles Airport. I slightly twisted my left ankle and bruised my right knee. Yes, I was bleeding. And to top that, I was wearing white pants. I am limping now. Nevertheless, I managed to enjoy the amazing landing of the shuttle. See pics. below.

Isn't it gorgeous? For the folks who couldn't see it yesterday, don't worry. It is being stored at the Air and Space museum here. When you visit VA, you can definitely see it. Good luck with long lines. Keeping with the Qawaali theme, the Song of the day is from a SRK movie Veer Zaara.
                              Jo Bandishein Thi Zamane Ki Tod Aaya Hoon
                              Main Tere Waste Duniyaa Ko Chhod Aaya Hoon
                              Aaya Tere Dar Par Deewana
Intense scene. Only Yash Chopra could imagine and picturise this so well.
OMG, just when I was deciding about today's post, my friend called me to tell me that she was at Taco Bell eating dinner. It's 10:45 PM here folks! She said she was working late again! It's got to take a toll on her health. Stars work erratic hours all the time. Amitabh always blogs about late nights and I just saw an interview with Raveen Tandon who wrapped her shoot of "isi ka naam zindagi" late one evening. She said she had to still look fresh late in the day. So, why are more and more people working late hours? It might be for different reasons like fear of boss, to prove that one is efficient or the person might just be a workaholic. Is it that there is too much to do? Whatever the reason, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by burning the midnight oil at the office. In today’s times, where downsizing has left a lot of employees doing the work of two or three, we all feel the need to prove ourselves. However, if you’re working late because you don’t feel like you’re getting enough done during the day, a few adjustments to your work habits may save you some time. But if you don't take care of yourself, you will eventually burn out. Researchers have proved that working late hours has health risks comparable to smoking. So friends, next time think twice before you log all those "extra" hours at work.


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