Sunday, April 01, 2012

Comparison - but so natural

Hello world! I hope everyone is doing well. It's been a while since I wrote. I had to fly to India for 3 days. Ok, ok. April Fool Banaya! Actually, I was on a cleaning spree. I organised 2 kids closets over the weekend. Big achievement for me. Had been procrastinating. My closet remains a mess. I really do not know where to even start. I have clothes from 1992 (when I first came to the US), clothes from my 2 pregancies, clothes before I lost 30 pounds and clothes that were not my choice. Now, before all of you think that I am a pig, I have to tell you that I get sentimentally attached to my clothes. It's hard for me to get rid of them. Some of my clothes from college are still with my Mom in Manipal. I won't let her dispose them. I have decided to clean up my closet on this upcoming weekend. It's going to be a HUGE adjustment for me - mentally. Wish me luck folks. I chose to spend Sunday all by myself. I needed some alone time. So, I went to my favorite coffee place. Yes, Starbucks. Did some serious thinking over a "tall" cup of Vanilla Latte.
“Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.” - Marquis de Condorcet

We always compare things in life and come to conclusions of our own. It's absolutely needed for fair judgement. If you took the strengths of others, and compared them to your weaknesses, I think this would not make you feel good. Most of the times, I have found myself doing this and feeling very low. Comparing lifestyles, acheivements, children, is part of everyday living. But natural. Most often we do these social comparisons without realizing we’re doing it. For me, this had to stop as I wanted to be happy and not waste my time dwelling on things that I had no control over. So after much thinking I came up with a plan. The solution is to become consious. As soon as these thoughts come to the mind, bring them to the forefront and recognise these thoughts and quickly change focus. Focus on happy things. For me happy things are to have the people in my life who care about me, the things that I have and not the things that I don't have, my strengths and not weaknesses and life itself (being alive). What can I do,to change things that make me unhappy? I should be ok with imperfection. Emotionally I seem to feel bad when my family doesn't reach perfection. But imperfection is what makes us who we are. Trying to be someone else, only leads to frustration and misery. Everybody has their own journey. I have decided to make my journey a happier one for me by shifting my focus to ME! I hope I suceed!


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