Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I, Me, Myself or Me, Myself, I - Poll

Namaskar friends! Just read on TOI, that Cancer killed 5.5 laks in India in 2010. The deadly disease, cancer struck the strong lady, Mona Kapoor, Boney Kapoor's ex wife. She passed away recently. Sreedevi continues to enjoy being his second wife. See, how destiny plays games.I was just looking at some photographs of the funeral. Sree did not attend the funeral. hmmm. All the other bollywood stars came in full force wearing the whitest of white outfits (Washing powder Nirma). The designers must have run out of white fabric that day. he he. Another thing I found funny was that Sreeram Nene attended the funeral along with this wife Madhuri Dixit. Why on earth would he do that? He is forgetting that he is a cardiologist by profession and is happy playing Mr. Dixit these days. Has he any self respect left? On the other side of town, India's richest man and his wife, Mukesh and Nita Ambani threw a lavish party for master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar for setting a record of scoring a 100th 100 in international cricket. They hosted the party at their infamous home "Antitlia". The guest list included the who's who of Mumbai. Nice! Apparetnly, Sachin is very fond of Mrs. Nita Ambani.
It's Rohit's 11th B'day on April 3rd. He is inviting some of his friends over for a sleep over. It's going to be fun for him. I was not sure what to put in the goodie bags for 11 year old boys. Any ideas? Please leave me a comment.
You can hate me but never be me. I'm me myself and I and you can never compare yourself to me. You cant spell awesome without me.

Some months ago, as I was blogging, my son, who was sitting next to me, noticed the title of my Blog. He corrected me saying that the title should be Me, Myself & I and not I, Me & Myself. I ignored him, thinking that he did not know what he was saying, as he was only in 9th grade. Few days ago, some of my American friends were telling me that they happened to read my blog and noticed the title of my blog. They wanted to know, if I had it that way on purpose, to catch attention or something(to be different). I was surprised! I asked them what it should be. They all unanimously agreed that the correct usage is Me, Myself & I. Sanil was correct! But I don't think I was wrong either. In India, I was taught that it is I, Me & Myself. I want you readers to please help me out. Please take the poll that I have created on the RHS of my blog. I will decide if to change the title depending on your answers. Of course, majority wins. Please keep in mind that the poll ends on June 30, 2012.


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