Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Modern day solution to couple fights

Namaskar blog dosts! Finally, after 4 long months Beti B now has a name. "Aaradhya". I am not quite liking it. As long as the Bachans like it, what else matters. Guess what this name means? It means "one who is worth worshipping". I expected something like this tough. A traditional name, which speaks for itself. After all, the Bachan's are all about themselves. Correct?  Still having a slight headache today. A good day otherwise. My heart skipped a few beats, when Sanil did not come home on time. He was a good 3 hours late. Apparently,  he got selected in the school Tennis team and was playing a match, which their team lost. :(. At this time, I am glad that he is home safe.

After 19 long years of marriage, I cannot count how many fights I have had with my husband. Just this past weekend, we were fighting about when to buy the much needed furniture for our living room. I wanted to buy it now and he wanted it 2 months from now. We were fighting over a non issue. Really, what difference does it make?  In the heat of the fight we were blinded to the fact that both of us agreed upon buying the new furniture. When couples fight, both people feel that they are right and in the process become too stubborn and refuse to give up.

In every argument there are 2 sides. If both parties continue to argue their point, then there is no end to the argument. After analysing the innumerable fights that we have had over the years, and heard about the fights that some close friends have shared with me,  I have come to the conclusion that couples argue to be appreciated and recognised. Once, we understand this basic need, I think the next plan of action should be for one of us to pause for sometime and listen to the other. it's easier said than done. Personally, this blog has helped me a lot. Putting my thoughts down when these challenges happen is a great way to relieve my emotions. They say, not to wash dirty linen in public. But for me, sharing grief with close friends is half the sorrow. Also, when your share, the friends tend to open up a little too. It's a nice feeling to know that you are not alone.  In any relationship, communication is the key. This has been my experience. These days the fights between my husband and I are very minimal.  Do you want to know the secret? Personal Laptops. We mind our business! There are times when we have communicated over Instant Messenger. Modern day solution. Try it!


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