Sunday, March 11, 2012

Uff! these headaches...

How are my dear blog friends? Participated in too many activities over the weekend. Yes! I played Holi for the first time yesterday. Here is proof.
At the end of the 2 hour fun, it was impossible to recognize who's who. Can any of you recognize me? We did not play with colored water as it was very cold. Although it was good fun, I don't think I want to do it again. The cleaning up after, is too much work! So, Vidya Balan is back in the news. This time for her stupendous acting in the movie "Kahaani". She is being compared to the great actor Aamir Khan when it comes to choice of scripts. Nice! 
                 I had to help Sanil with a project today. I recorded him cooking "fajitas". It was very stressful, as the delivery of his speech had to match the shot. At the end of  3 hours we had it ready. I was so proud of him. He learnt to edit videos by himself pretty quickly. Lets hope he gets a good grade. Unfortunately, I ended up with a severe headache. I tried to sleep, but could not fall asleep, so I thought I will blog instead. I hope this de-stresses me. 
Nearly everyone gets a headache at some point. I mostly get tension headaches. The reasons could be many. Dehydration, loud music, change of routine, over eating, starving, too much sun etc. The headaches I get start out as very dull aches. If at this time, I do not take medicine, they turn into migraines. Call me old fashioned, I hesitate to take medicines. My mom has trained me to fight small issues without medicine for the fear of losing the ability to heal naturally. This advice has stuck with me. So here I am now, with a throbbing headache. I have learnt to live with these tension headaches now. I have to get a good nights sleep for the headache to completely go away. In the past, applying a topical balm  like "Amrutanjan" to my temples used to give me temporary relief. However, these days, I need a stronger smelling balm like "Tiger Balm". The authentic "Tiger Balm" is only available in Dubai. There are numerous imitations available all over the world now, none that can come close to the original . My husband is a big fan of these balms too. He tends to get migraines very often. We have many bottles of these balms all over our house. If there is a table, you can bet that there is a bottle of balm on it. It is really amazing how aroma therapy is so soothing. But then there are some odors like that of the smoke from cigarettes, gasoline etc. that cause headache and nausea. The brain works in strange ways. OK, folks, I am going to bed now with the thought that tomorrow will be a better day. :) 


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