Tuesday, April 10, 2012

These are some of my favorite things

Hello friends! So, the Supreme Court has granted relief to film maker Madhur Bhandarkar in the Preeti Jain rape case. See folks, another case of money and power. Now my fav. star SRK is in legal trouble for smoking inside the cricket stadium:(. I am sure this case will also be "phoo pooed". Good news is that my fav. cricketer Yuvi is back in India after his long treatment in the US. So today's song of the day is from the movie Yuvraaj:
Aaja main hawaaon pe bithaake le chalun
tu hi toh... tu hi toh meri dost hain.
Had a very "busy";) day at work. Discovered I had a brain that works. he he.
Since I could not think of a topic to blog about today, I am just going to write a list of 10 of my favorite things.

1. My fav. singer: Sonu Nigam
2. My fav perfume: Prada
3. My fav. season: Summer
4. My fav. festival: Diwali
4. My fav. passtime: Shopping,chatting & music.
5. My fav. food: Chicken Biryani.
6. My fav. beverage: Filter Coffee.
7. My fav. car: Mercedes Benz. (still waiting for Shekar to gift it)
8. My fav. chocolate: Cadbury
9. My fav. romantic spot: Tajmahal, India.
10.My fav. silly freind: Anu (everyone should have a friend like her, seriously!)

Please share some of your fav. things.


  1. I'm on my way to Tajmahal in my mercedes benz eating cadburys, listening to my fav Sonu nigam song, doused in prada perfume during my summer break, sipping my filter coffee, hoping to stop by to eat some chicken biryani and shop if reach there by diwali and have a romantic date he he.

  2. Good one Anon. That would be my fav. thing to do. All summed up so thoughtfully by you. Keep reading. It encourages me.