Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Party on!

Hello world! Experiencing new growing pains today. I am getting the tingling feeling in my hands. Not sure why. Better day for my knee tough. Made some egg curry tonight. I love eggs. I can eat it in any form. It's been a while since I ate an omelet. Got to make it this weekend. Hey, I finally organised my closet. I have collected 2 bags of old clothes to get rid off. I have to take the next step of actually getting rid of them. Alright then, moving along... today's Song of the day from the movie F.A.L.T.U.

Aaj hai Friday night mein chalun apne friends ke saath

Random spinning wheels meri boom boom car
Laga ke CD player hum toh chale hain tayaar
Speaker maare bass karde sab ke kaan faadh, say what
Hello Mr. DJ, mera gaane please play
Aaj no wine, aaj no lager, aaj peeyenge champagne
Ba ba ba boozing dancing and we cruzing
Bouncer panga leta hai toh, gotta keep it moving
Char baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai

To all the PARTY people!!! ENJOY!!!

I remember playing "tea party" as a kid with my friends. We played it so often. There was a certain excitement about arranging the cups and saucers on a table and pouring "pretend" tea into the cup and offering it to friends. It was a reason to hang out with close friends and enjoy each others company. We do the same thing as adults too! I like the carefree nature of the parties. Everyone who attend parties come with the same mindset - relax and have a good time. Add drinks to the party and suddenly everyone is "happier". It's a good way to let go of the stresses of life and escape from reality for sometime.The whole scene is an adult fantasy land. You dress up, have a few drinks, meet new people, have fun conversations and eat good food. I like making small talk with new people. It's fun to slowly but surely get to know the person. It's exciting when you find out that the other person has similar interests as you. According to me, people make a party. The sillier and funnier the people are, the more rocking the party becomes. Hence, the line "Party like a Rockstar". I personally enjoy the pre-party experience. It feels good to wake up in the morning knowing that there is a party to attend in the evening. It makes for a beautiful (tiring) day. But all the work is so worth it, knowing that the evening of fun is yet to start. I get an adrenalin rush just imagining the evening full of fun and laughter. The whole process of decorating the house, picking the perfect dress and accessories, cooking the food, making a CD with the right music and getting all the work done in time to start the party is much like getting ready for a date. [Not that I have much experience in that area;)]. I hate the time between when all the work is done and the first guest shows up. I feel that the time just crawls, My perfect party has a format. Appetizers with drinks, games, dinner, DANCING, dessert, talent show (like songs, skits, jokes, etc.) tea and then analysis of the party with the last few close friends who stay back for some extra time - in that very sequence. An then the guests actually leave. The party is over. That means clean up time. Not my favorite. Nevertheless, I am particular that the house absolutely has to look the way it was Now, this has made me want to have a party at my place soon! Till next time, party on friends. Life is too short.:)


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