Monday, May 28, 2012


Hi there friends! I was having too much fun to miss this spot. A long weekend of 3 days with too much sun. Enjoyed 2 grand parties. I watched the movie Dictator. I thought, it was funny but WRONG on many different levels.  Too many things have happened around the world since I was last here. I feel sorry for the people in India. How on earth can they afford petrol anymore? So happy for SRK. Finally, he has something to celebrate. KKR wins against CSK. And Ash, managed to wow the public at Cannes. She said, she is enjoying motherhood is happy that she has so much love coming her way and has decided to ignore her haters who are like a drop in the ocean. Really Ash?  Ok, whatever works! Highlight of last week was Karan's Johar's 40th B'day bash! It was a grand affair complete with diamond studded velvet curtains and a certain Pee Cee attending the party and making amends with K.J. Yeah, SRK came with Gauri. Alls well, that's ends well I guess. Song of the day, soemone sang this song at the party last Sunday. I am sure most of you hav eheard it. Lovely song.

Kehna hai, kehna hai
Aaj tumse yeh pehli baar
Ho, oh, tum hi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere pyaar, pyaar, pyaar :-)
Everyone needs tips/remedies in life be it for cooking, cleaning, bringing up children etc. These remedies are centuries old and are passed onto next generation in Indian households. The popularity of remedies maybe because they are natural and have zero side-effects. While it is effective in some cases, in my opinion, it is always safe to consult a doctor and get alopathic treatment. We have heard of  herbs like neem, tulsi, sambrapalli, etc. to have medicinal value. Today, these herbs are used as medicine in the science of Ayurveda in India.

Whenever, I hear the word "nuskha" only one person comes to mind. She was a lady who used to wash dishes in houses in Mangalore. This story was narrated to me by one of our family friends. This uncle had a brother who was suffering from diarrhea for a month. They tried all medicines prescribed by general practitioners in Mangalore, but in vain. So they took him to Wenlock hospital, the number one hospital in Mangalore at that time. After hours of examining and poking the poor little boy with sharp syringes, the doctors at Wenlock hospital told the family to give the young boy whatever he wishes to eat in the next few days, meaning they had given hopes and it was THE END for the boy. The saddened family, took the boy home by taxi. The little boy had no energy left to walk. So, the uncle decided to carry him inside the house. Hearing and seeing all this commotion, the neighborhood soon came together to see what was the issue. Among them, was the maid woman called Neel-amma. She offered the boy her remedy, which was a powder that she had mixed. It was her own concoction. She refused to share the ingredients as she was afraid that the powder would lose its power. She was not money minded either, as she refused to take money for her service or product. Bless Neel-amma's heart, the little boy recovered the very next day. The uncle swears by this powder, as he has witnessed many other people getting cured by it. I have my own doubts though. Today, Neel-amma is no more. Unfortunately, she has not passed on her secret recipe to the next generation. Today, Babas like Ramdev, help keep these traditions alive. People, (who have no other choice), do believe in it. While, I do see the power of these "Jadi Booti's" I am not 100% convinced. :)


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