Friday, June 01, 2012

Personality types/Namoonas

Adaab friends. Happy Fry-day! Oh! this acronym filled world. I don't get it! People do not spell anything anymore. Even a professional email, is written as text.  Did anyone notice that Facebook had technical issues for the last couple of days? It was frustrating. This is the new age folks! Zero tolerance for flaws. I am welcoming this weekend with a big smile. This weekend, is to do nothing constructive. Just eat, sleep and watch videos. Planning to watch some old Hindi movies that I would have missed. YouTube zindabad! Song of the day -
matlabi hain log yahan par matlabi zamaana
socha saaya saath dega nikla wo begaana
begaana begaana apno mein main begaana begaana

This is a forgotten song by Kishore Kumar from the movie Begaana. I was surprised to learn that Anu Malik was the music director of this song.  Good job Anuji. The sentiments are captured very well. It will definitely make you sad.
We meet people from all walks of life on an everyday basis. I think it makes the world an interesting place to live in. I believe in variety being THE spice of life. Lately, I have indulged in observing different characteristics of people. My favorite pass time. We all know of the type A, B and C personality classifications, based on  behaviour. I think the behavior is dependent upon people's background. Al tough, most people, to some extent are born with a personalty, I think people get moulded in a certain way, depending on where they come from, how they were raised, their education or lack off etc. I think, I would have been a different person, had I have been born and brought up here in the US. Some of the personalities can be classified based on some individual characteristics (I like to call them namoonas hehe). Here are a few that I have observed.
Overbearing: Oozing with confidence, these namoonas always put their thoughts in the forefront and soon will make other people around them, think behave and act just like them. It's their way or highway.

Talkative: These namoonas do not like silence at all. They have to fill every pause, intentional or non intentional.

Calm and quiet: Nothing under the sun disturbs these namoonas. They kind of live in their own little world. One has to literally shake a word or 2 out of them. These people, have no enthusiasm or ambition in life. They accept life, the way as it is.

Nervous: Filled with pessimism, not sure why these namoonas are so jittery all the time. They seem to be scared of failure or something.

Sensitive: Oh, these are my all time favorite namoonas (I think I am one of them he he). They can cry at the drop of a hat. These people feel like people are judging them constantly. Everything appears to be negative to them.

Divas: These insecure fashionistas think of themselves as apsaras. These namoonas eat, drink and sleep fashion and shopping.

Drama King/Queen: Don't we love these namoonas? These people can turn any given boring situation into the most exciting one, complete with music, action, comedy, tragedy, etc. all at once. They would be ideal in a Bollywood masala movie.

Shy: These namoonas, need some personality development classes. Thank god for computers, these people can hide behind that and express themselves.

Egoists: These are my least favorite type of namoonas. They are constantly, trying to put the other person down. Unfortunately, there are too many of these people around us. Nothing is achieved by possessing a false ego. It's their loss. I think success and ego go hand in hand. Unfortunate but true.

Anger:  These namoonas are for ever mad at some thing or someone. I get scared to even approach someone like that. People like that should take advantage of anger management classes.

Comedians: My most favorite namoonas. Generally these people hide their emotions behind laughter. They come across as happy and in the process make other people around them happy by taking all ups and downs in life lightly.

Planners: These namoonas will never get ahead in life. They will have the BEST plans all figured out, but they fail to execute.

Problem Child: And then we have the namoonas who view every situation as a problem with no solution. Life to them is a HUGE challenge. God save them!

Dreamers: Now, they say, that to be successful one has to dream BIG. However, some of these nammonas are foolish dreamers who live in the dream land.

Ultimately, all these namoonas make the world interesting and its impossible for me to live without them. I  LOVE people for what they are. Cheers to life! Shub ratri folks!


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