Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paradise Island - Day 1

Hello world! I missed all my friends on this spot. Hope you missed me too! We were back from a  well deserved, relaxing, vacation last Sunday. So many exciting things have happened since then, that I did not have the time to update my favorite cyber space. There is always a charm in experiencing things for the first time in life. For me, last week was all about that "first time" both profesionally and personaly. For the first time, I stayed out till the wee hours of the morning last Friday, when I went to a gals night out. It was such an unique exeperience, I will have to make it a separate post. (watch this space) For the first time, I played the most popular card game "poker", for the first time I played volleyball, for the first time, I took big decesions by myself, at home, and remodelled our living room and basement. See, I had my reasons to neglect this space. Today, I feel on top of the world!  Thanks to my dear family who have been so supportive and also some very good friends who have made all this possible. I have also been listening to my favorite bollywood music and I came across this melodious song, which is the Song of the day,  from the movie Jhoom barabar jhoom sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Mahalaxmi Iyer, lyrics by the one and only Gulzar.

Dhaage tod laao chandani se noor ke
Ghoonghat hi banalo roshini se noor ke
Sharma gai to aagosh mein lo
ho Saaaso se uljhi rahi meri saasein
Bol Na Halke Halke
hooth se halke halke
bol na halke
Love the 'Swaras' in this - Maga nisa sa madhe pa ni sa re ga ni sa ma pa dhi na sa

Big news this week in Bollywood - Esha Deol is getting married. Saw some pictures of the Sangeet. Good choice girl! The man is hot! I would be beaming too if someone called me their princess. Let's check with Bharat after a few years of marriage. From Princess to daasi haan Bharat? Finally, something good going for her. But whats up with flashing that finger ring everytime? Here is wishing her luck! Did not see Dharam paaji at the ceremony. Hmmm. Oh, oh, oh, saw the first pics of Aradhya Bachchan aka Strawberry. She is so cute. Looks a little like Ash's brother. Folks, So many things to look forward to in the next few days. Shekar's friends are visting us on Thursday. They leave on Friday evening. My friend from New Jersey is visitng us on Saturday. She will here till 4th of July. Woo hoo! Party time all the way. Will be missing from this spot for sometime. Promise to update you once, all settles sown. :)
Alright, if you like the sun, clear blue sky, beautiful beaches with turquoise blue water, water rides, good food, realxing time, smell of sunscreen, gorgeous women and men clad in skimpy swimming wear, loaded drinks etc. then, Atlantis, Bahamas is for you! Yes, folks that was our vacation destitation. We set out early at 4:30 AM on Tuesday June 12th, 2012. We checked in on United Airlines and settled down. Soon boarding was announced and as our boarding passes were collected, I had the first surprise of this trip. Suddenly we were upgraded to first class.  Thanks to Shekar who is a Platinum member. Since the aircraft was not full, we automatically got upgraded. :)
First class seating baby!
 Royal treatment. Only "we" got food.
2.5 hrs. of flight time from NJ and we were landing in Paradise Island - Atlantis Bahamas. I was so excited, I started clicking pics. from the airplane itself. See below.
 Beautiful formation of puffy white clouds on a clear sunny day
 Closer to ground and we could see some of the houses on the island
 And we were standing in long lines (sigh!)
Took the bus to the Hotel. On the way clicked more pics.
These houses reminded me of India
Suposedly their downtown
 First glimpse of the Atlantis hotel, via bus window. It was like looking at Tajmahal for the first time.
 The connecting bridge
 Our room. I wanted to take a pic. of the hotel from close, but had to wait for another day, as there were too many check in procedures,
 View from our hotel room - Gorgeous!
First island drink - It tasted soemthing like "Guava" juice.

After eating some junk food like fries, hotdogs and loaded nachos,etc., we swam in the swimming pool for sometime. See below:
Yes, that's me under the waterfall. Ram teri ganga .... LOL!

We then had a buffet dinner. I hope I had the pic. to share. The spread was spectacular! The cost was spectacular too! $50.00 per person. The food was fit for a King. We were so full and also tired from our journey and excitement, that we decided to call it a night. This was day one at Atlantis. More to come folks. Stay tuned. Shub raatri. 

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