Monday, June 04, 2012

My thoughts of the day

Satsriakal doston! Ok, I know enough about the Sardar culture to say this. I had the wrong notion that Sardars were mean people. As a kid, I used to be very scared of them. A recent visit to the golden temple changed that notion by 180 degrees for me. Gorgeous golden temple! I think it should be the the eighth wonder of the world. Golden temple by evening is so divine! In the morning, the aura around the Golden Temple is breathtaking! Posting the pics below.
 By Night
  Early Morning

Attended a dhamakedar baby shower yesterday.  Actually, for me it was the 10th Baby Shower that I was attending. So, I was expecting a, been there done it type of experience. But the organisers really surprised me. It was such a different event. The games were very well researched. It kept the guests engrossed till the end. The food was awesome too! A Sunday evening well spent with fun loving friends. Woke up this morning feeling very low. I am experiencing these low moments a lot these days. Maybe hormonal. Dragged myself to work. At around 10:30 AM, my friend called me to invite me to a pooja this Friday. I felt a lot better after talking to her. Came home, to find an email from my high school friend on FB.  She was talking of our Manipal days. It felt so good. Connecting to childhood memories, makes us feel young too, I guess. Now I can relate to my Dad to some extent. Finally pulled my step out and did some step exercise. My knees wouldn't cooperate. Had to stop midway. Ate good dinner followed by Chikoo icecream. What's going on friends. I have lost my will power. My mind is on food constantly. It's good to live it up a little. Right?

Folks, leaving you all tonight humming this soft, romantic song (song of the day) form the movie Bodyguard, sung by Ash King & Clinton Cerejo, lyrics by Pritham.
 Dil ka yeh
 Kya raaz hai
 Jaane kya kar gaye
 Jaise andhero mein tum
 Chandni bhar gaye
 Kar chaand taaron ko
 Mashoor itna kyun
 Kambakht inse bhi
 khoobsoorat hai tu..
 I love you
Tu ru ru….

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. So true. Don't brood. Get on with living and loving. You don't have forever. ------ Leo Buscaglia 


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