Monday, July 02, 2012

Paradise Island - Day 2

Friends, if there is anything like an "ideal weekend", then, that was how it was this past weekend -only for me. I was unaware of the HUGE storm that came in our town. So many trees fell down and many people were out of power, but not us. Lucky! I was busy with friends, family, music, drama, food and laughter. My friend from NJ arrived late Friday night, but was staying with her Sis. We were trying to coordinate to meet on Sat. since 9 AM. However, we could finally meet only later in the afternoon at 2:30 PM. There is always a slight initial nervousness in meeting someone, even if it is your best friend after a long time. I have to admit, I was experiencing that, when I met her. But sweet that she is, she made me feel comfortable in no time by her constant chatter. Love it! I picked her up from her sister's place and brought her to my house. Showed off the new furniture and remodeling of the kitchen and basement. My joy knew no bounds when she showered me with carefully chosen compliments. She knows me very well. He he. I was invited to her sister's place in the evening for a casual get together, which turned out to be so much fun! Both of us decided to wear the same salwar kameez, (purchased together on a recent trip to India) to the party. People were calling us twins the whole evening. Wish I had a picture to share. One of these days.  We had some excellent Mexican food for dinner which included fajitas and casadias. Yummy! We enjoyed music and dance, played antakshari till 3 AM! If  you have played antakshari before, you know a game of antakshari is not complete without the typical arguments like "that song does not start with that letter", "this song has already been sung", "you are taking so long, 1..2..3..". Also, people get kicked out of the game when they get stuck with repeated usage of the latter "Ha" and "Ra" and the infamous "Ta" that has only 2 songs associated with it. Any guesses on which 2 songs for the letter "Ta"? Leave a comment. When we came back home, it was 4 AM. Of course, we analyzed the party to death and finally fell asleep at 5 AM or so only to wake up at 7:30 AM. We then had Aloo parantas and Mango-Blueberry lassi for breakfast. We spent the rest of the Sunday, being couch potatoes and watched parts of our favorite movie - Silsila. Felt very lonely after she left at 6:30 PM. Diverted my attention, by browsing the web. Came across this song. I am sure most of you have NOT heard it. It's from the movie, College girl, sung by Mohammed Rafi, lyrics by Dev Kholi (must have been a romantic) and surprise! music director was Bappi Lahiri. Really? So, song of the day:

Phoolon ki tarah woh hasti thee
Kaliyon ki tarah muskati thee
Woh tumse bilkul milti hai
Khwabon mein mere jo aahti thee

In other news, I had a furniture fiasco at home. The delivered family room furniture was incorrect. So, had to re order some new pieces. I am waiting for the new ones to come in. I am crossing my fingers, so that it all works out in the end.
Unfortunately, could not attend the Konkani Sammelan that happened in NJ last weekend. Konkanis from all over the world gor together in NJ. Lesser known actress, Amrita Rao was honored. Hey, she is a Konkani figure alright! TOI covered this. See link.
Yet another fatal accident by the Khan brothers. Sohail Khan this time. He claims he was not in the car at the time the accident happened. His big brother, Salman backed him up and they got away without paying compensation. Hai...
Ok, on Day 2 of our vacation in the Bahamas we had good breakfast, within the hotel. Mostly croissant sandwiches and starbucks coffee. We started off the day, by visiting the beach. Spent couple of hrs. there and then went to a PGA golf course and palyed some golf. Came back to the hotel late evening had a good dinner at an Italian restuarant. We then went for a long walk. Ate some icecream and went to bed.
Early morning breakfast bar
My fav. coffee
Hot, hot beach!
Carved by the kids. Nice na?
The "Atlantis" hotel from the beach
Library inside the hotel
Aquarium in the Lobby of the hotel. It was awesome!
One and only Ocean PGA golf course (Michael Jordan plays here)
A friendly visitor at the golf course
The Boyz on golf carts
More swimming pool
DJ at the pool side

The music by the poolside was so enjoyable while swimming. Some ladies got up and danced. Total party atmosphere. Nice way to chill with drinks. By the end of Day 2, my skin was completed burnt. It was pining with the just a simple touch. My whole body had turned red, inspite of applying sunscreen. Excitng Day 3 and 4 coming up soon! Stay tuned. Good night folks.


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