Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dedication to ALL my dear friends

Friends, July is almost over. Time flies! I had a quiet weekend. Attended a Vara mahalaksmi pooja on Friday evening. The rest of the weekend was spent with family. I have one complaint folks. I wonder why people make promises and don't follow through. Shows lack of interest to keep up. Leaves the other party high and dry. Did not expect that form close friends. I guess, I have to stop expecting. Sigh! Every Sunday evening, I feel like listening to Ghazals, when all the family mumbers are fed and are involved with their own interest. Its winding down time, and its quiet time for myself. I have listened to this ghazal gazillion times this evening, so rightfully this is the Song of the day. Today's post is also going to be about this melodious, meaningful ghazal, based on raag Yaman Kalyan.

Friends, I request you to indulge in this song. You will love it. There is a video of this ghazal with the very pretty actress, Madhubala's pictures on YouTube. I wanted to upload that version. Unfortunately, the link did not work for me. Please try to look at that, when you have some time. The face does justice to the ghazal. Now, I understand the meaning of the word "tehrao". This song would not have been the same without it. So many singers have sung this, every singer has his beauty of singing, its difficult to compare, but, by far, the most beautiful rendition is by Fareeda Khanam. Born in 1935 in Calcutta and raised in Amritsar, she migrated to Pakistan after partition of India in1947. Words fail me in describing the beauty and depth of this marvellous song. Nothing comes close to this. What an incredibly beautiful and soothing song! Amazing lyrics, by Sehba Akhtar .

English translation:
Don't insist on leaving today
Keep sitting beside me.
Don't insist on leaving today
else I shall die, I shall be looted.
Please don't talk like this.
Don't insist on leaving today.
Give it a thought,
why shouldn't I stop you?
When you leave,
life goes out of me.
For your own sake, beloved
Just listen to this one plea,
don't insist on leaving today,
keep sitting beside me.
Don't insist on leaving today.

yuun he pehluu me baithee raho....So simple words, yet it feels so close to the heart. I have to say that the Urdu language trumps all others in its beauty and grace..And this rendition by Farida Khanum is sublime..ohhhh myy ghoshh!!! I got goose pimples!!!!! The voice can pierce into you! Farida ji...aur unki kala ko mera salaam!! What a song! The husky voice is mesmerising to say the least. It gets all the emotions out of me every time I hear this one......

I wish I could listen to this with ALL of you. Beautiful background score and what a captivating voice! Music truly has no boundaries......


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