Thursday, July 26, 2012

Prince Charming dream remains a dream?

How have all of you been? I was down with a bad headache for the last couple of days. It did not stop me from having normal working days. I did all the days work and more! Nothing excites me more than a bright sunny day. Read an article today, where a husband was raped and killed by 5 of his wives beacuse they were jealous that the husband was spending more time with the 6th, youngest wife. This happened in London. He he. First of all,  how can one man legally have 6 wives. Nevermind. Dangerous Ishq! Other than that, caught up with a couple of friends who called to say Hi. Talking to friends really perks up my otherwise dull day. Its like an instant "happy" pill. Song of the day: From the movie Aap Ki Khatir. I envision these type of songs being played in Punjabi weddings. Its not surprising then, to know that one of the singers of this song is Jespinder Narula. This song has a certain "Mitaas" to it, that I instantly fell in love with it.

Talking about wedding, what little girl doesn't dream that one day she'll meet prince charming, have a magical wedding and live happily ever after? I did too! We grow up having crushes on classmates, neighborhood boys, actors etc. Bollywood just makes the dreaming process even more likeable, by potraying every movie with a love story in which the hero and heroine fall in love, sing and dance, face opposition from families, elope and then the hero eventually after fighting all the bad guys wins the family and the girl. So, what is a teenage girl watching these kind of movies do but dream? More of the same situation for themselves when they grow up. I especailly liked to watch the part in the movie where the hero and heroine elope and are by themselves for the FIRST time, away from their strict parents, who watch their every move like a hawk. I think that moment for a couple in real life is the most exciting! Suddenly, they have the freedom to do what THEY want to do. Who can forget the secene in the movie QSQT where Amir Khan asks Juhi to make Baigan ka Bartha for dinner, (couldn't find the eact clip, but the one below is also cute)

 or when Kumar Gaurav and Vijetha Pandit sang the song Dekho maine dekha hai ik sapna in Love story

 or the Sunny deol and Amritha Singh movie Betaab. Movies, I watched growing up. I still cannot get over these scences. Love to watch it over and over again. That's the influence Bollywood has on me. However, as we all adults now know, reality is far, far away from this for the most part. I am not saying that love does not exist in this world, but the type of unconditional, unselfish, pure love that, Bollywood shows us audience, I think, does not exist. If it's out there, I would like to see it. Marriage is mostly about sacrifices and adjustments. Once we start taking the responsiblity of children, who are living and breating and demanding, marriage becomes a whole new ball game. Nevertheless, I think one should get married. I beleive in the institution of marriage. Like they say in Hindi, shaadi woh laddu hai jo khaye voh pachtaye aur jo na khaye wo bhi pachtaye. How true! Your thoughts???


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