Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lassi-Wassi Ho Jaye?

"Kasshi assachi sakkad jana"? This is Konkani for "How are you folks"? Hot, hot weekend people. No, no, nothing like what you are thinking he he. I was talking about the temperature. I was looking for ideas to stay cool. I had a can of mango pulp in my pantry and a big can of Dahi in my fridge. I knew if left for long both of them would get spoilt. What best way to use them, other than Mango lassi, correct? As I was preparing the lassi, I was remembering my trip to Amritsar. One night after visiting the Golden temple we had stopped at a Dabha for dinner. I had ordered a sweet lassi. How far we have come now from those days of hard labor, just to make a tall glass of lassi. The hand churning of the lassi has been replaced by a modern day blender, the ordinary sweet lassi has taken many different flavors, mango being the popular flavor, at least here in the US and the tall steel glass tumbler has now been replaced by fancy glass wear. However, I must say, that the authentic Punjabi lassi is unbeatable. See Pics. below.

Man Churning lassi in a pot.
 Slurp! Gulped all of it as soon as soon as it was served. Then, remembered to take a pic.
 This is my blender, with all the ingredients, ready to be turned on
 Sanil, pouring his share into a cup
 Not as tasty as the hand churned one in Amritsar, but close
I still had some Mango pulp left, did not want to throw it away, so decided to make Mango Kesari. We call it Mango Sheera in Konkani. I did not have crushed cashew to top this Kesari. Nevertheless, went ahead and made it. Ok, I had to make it twice, as the first time around, it flopped. I added the mango pulp to the boiling milk (duh!). The milk curdled. I had to throw it away. Learnt, on the second round that the pulp should be added to the cooked Rava. Anyway, I got my certificate when Shekar ate it. He liked it. The kids, well, they did not like it. Normally, Kesari is served in a bowl as a pudding. But I decided to spread on a greased plate and cut it into diamond shaped burfis. Wish I could invite all of you who read this blog.
 Hot kesari directly from the stove, into a plate left to set.
 Cut into diamond shaped pieces
Ready to be served. I know, the pieces are not perfect. I was in a hurry
Decided to spend my weekend, at home with the family, and cook good food for them. After all, they are the ones who surround me with love and let me be me. I did go window shopping looking for an area rug for the family room. I am looking for a circular one. Did not find it. So gave up and came home. One of these days I will post pics. of the house. Stay tuned. Aah! before I say goodnight to all of my favorite people, I have to post my Song of the day - a romantic song from the movie Hum Tum, sung by Alka Yagnik and Babul Supriyo. Beautiful Rani with her big brown, tiger like eyes along with young and sexy Saif, make a very romantic couple. The rain sequence and the Saxophone add to the song, making it such a memorable song. Love it! I love rain songs. Posting the link for my dear friends. I bet you will feel like talking to your sweetheart after listening to this. Happy dreaming. :)


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