Monday, July 09, 2012

THE Konkani Spread

My dear, dear dosts, it was a wonderful evening spent with some of our good friends. Everybody enjoyed themselves. People loved the new furniture and the new look of the house. They all told me that they enjoyed the food. As promised, I am posting some pictures. Now, people who do not know much about Konkani food, beware that the menu is a cholesterol ride from start to finish. Coconut is our main ingredient in most of the dishes. It is definitely a developed taste and not everyone might enjoy it. My poor knees, please someone give me a good solution please! Folks, did any of you hear about the hideous act by a hostel warden at a school in Delhi? The ruthless warden made a class V girl lick her own urine, in front of her hostel mates, as punishment for bed wetting. OMG! The warden was arrested, but released on bail, for wrongful detention and the malignant act that could spread infection. The poor, embarrassed and traumatised child is now refusing to go back to school. Sad but true.
I heard this melodious song by Lataji after a long time on facebook, when someone posted it. I have listened to this at least 20 times since yesterday. It is the Song of the day from the movie Chhalia. Had to post the link so, all of you are tempted to listen. Let me know if you like it.
Ok, evening of fun and laughter started off at 6:30 PM with the follwing food:
 Mumbai Pav Bhaji for starters
Dahi vadas. Anu, was afraid to try it for the fear of disrupting the pretty decoration. 
 Mumbai Veg. Biryani for the veggie crowd
Mint Chutney to go with the Biryani. Deadly combination!
 The spread
 Kadge Chakko. This is a dry curry made of raw Jackfruit
 Gulla Sagle. This is a Konkani delicacy made out of green brinjals.
 Ambe Upkari. It's mango season folks. This is a sweet curry made out of mango. Relished by all.
 Ok. This is a very popular dish called Cooka Upkari. (Chinese Potato). I was thrilled to find it in the Indian store here in the US. This was a surprise item of the evening. The Konkanis joy knew no bounds, when they tasted this.
 The infamous dalithoy. Very dilute version of the North Indian Dal. This is prepared almost everyday in a Konkani household.
 Semi homemade Rotis
 Chane Gashi. This dish is the Konknai version (coconut gravy) of the North Indian Chole. If you want to impress a Konkani, use the name of this dish as your ice breaker to start a conversation. The Konkani will be floored, guaranteed!
 Bhenda Huli. Konkani version of Bhendi
Beans Upkari. Upkari is a dry dish made of any and every vegetable. In this case, its green bean and therefore the name, beans upkari. This dish is a must in every Konkani meal.
Fruit Salad with caramel and chocolate syrup, coarsely ground mixed nuts and topped with cool whip  for the sweet tooth. Too much for the stomach to handle after a full meal. Nevertheless, yummy!

After dinner as we were sipping pipping hot tea, the topic of discussion was, which is a better place to live? India or US? All of you, who are regular on this blog know me enough to guess which side I was on. Of course, MY India. Mera Bharat Mahaan! At the end of the discussion it was concluded that both countries have its pros and cons and it is where you feel comfortable and at home, is the best place to live. Here in the US, we have the best of both worlds, Indian values and culture and a cleaner, more prosperous country to live in. Got to agree with that. We wound up at 3:00 AM! Here is wishing me more such evenings. Alright folks. Got to go now. Love you all.


  1. Wow Maya akka.....The snaps of all those Konkani Cuisines were really mouth Watering.....Mamamia....!!

  2. Hey, Thanks Pradeep. Wish you were here to taste it.

  3. hmm when can I come again?Loved the food!!! fingerlicking good!