Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hell-o friends! Constructive weekend folks! Watched a few friends get ready for an "evening gown" party on Friday night, all the time wishing that I could participate too! Felt so low, that went to the gym and burnt calories. Sat. attended a Satyanarayan Pooja again! I hope I get all the blessings for this. So badly need it. Sunday, re potted all my house plants. I used Miracle grow soil on a friend's recommendation. I am hoping and praying that the kadi patta plant grows into a humongous tree as claimed by that brand. I was still having 2 hours to kill, so went back to the gym and swam for an hour. Weighed myself and guess what folks? 3 pounds lighter! Yeah, baby! Felt so good, that came home and ate so much. I am sure, I gained all of it back. :(  I am starting to fall in love with a song form Vicky Donor. You all  know what that means my friends. It's the song of the day.

Whatever it means, it sounds so romantic! The guitar makes it so sexy!
I love lists. So today, I decided to make a list of my top ten insecurities that I can't seem to overcome.

1. Being a good mother
2. Body - I am my own critic
3. Weight - On going, phew!
4. Appearance - Don't want to look too old
5.  Wanting to prove myself both professionally and personally
6.  Wanting to be needed
7. Hiding behind an ego
8. Trying to keep conversations going
9. Dining manners
10. Sweaty hands

I think my securities far outweigh my insecurities. Good news is that the list is getting shorter as I am getting older and wiser. Signing off now. Shubh ratri folks!

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  1. wow now I know how ur hair grew so long ! Miracle grow it is ! he he