Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hocus, Pocus... FOCUS!!!

Hello folks! Finally, getting back on track with my daily routine. It was so heart wrenching, to read about the death of Priyanka Chopra's Dad. PC did not miss a single opportunity to talk about her love for her Dad and how much of an influence he was for her in her life. May god give her strength to deal with this huge loss. I am following the Jiah Khan suicide case closely. So, they are blaming Suraj Pancholi for this and he has also been arrested. I fail to understand, simply based on a letter, how is it possible to take someone into custody. Besides, Jiah was a voluntary part of this relationship. They were in a relationship for quite sometime. She had even complained about his behavior to her Mom. Her Mom herself said this in her interview. Then, how is a case of rape being slammed on Suraj? Jiah could have walked away form it all when she knew what type of a person Suraj was. Easier said than done I guess. Lonely world of glamor leads one to take some drastic steps. Praveen Babi is another sad example. Song of the day is from the movie Saathi. Those were the days of Anuradha Paudwal. :)



Life can be such a chaos if one loses focus. I was in that boat for the past 20 days. I was going about my routine like a zombie. Fortunately, yesterday, was an eye opener and I am slowly regaining my focus. I am able to concentrate one thing for a longer time. Phew! I feel like I am back now.  I read somewhere that, every time you focus your attention you use a measurable amount of glucose and other metabolic resources. Studies show that each task you do tends to make you less effective at the next task, and this is especially true for high-energy tasks like self control or decision making. So distractions really take their toll. Focus to me is a type of cultivated discipline. It can be achieved by anyone who is willing to put forth the necessary effort. This is one of mankind’s greatest challenges; staying focused in the fast paced, technology driven world we are living in. Information overload and work overload. So how do we stay focused? In my opinion, the first and most important thing that can help is to disconnect from technology. Turn off all notifications and reminders of emails and tweets etc. Take control of all communication and social media and only go to them when you are ready to spend time there. I found that I am not strong enough to ignore these teasers. Number two on my list is to De-clutter my mind from wavering thoughts. They say, that meditation helps with this. Keeping life simple is the key to retaining focus in life. I found out today, that I had made a lot of mistakes in  my work (both personal & professional) from last week, the time that my mind was out of focus. Not good. Shub Ratri folks!

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”
― Zig Ziglar


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