Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The escape

Namaste, Satsriakal, Vanakkam, Baagunara my dear cyber friends. What kept me busy? Telangana! He he. OMG! Why are we playing divide and rule? Haven't the Angrez left already? How many more states do we need? Bollywood is rocking these days, with the event of the century - My favorite Khans are friends again!  Heard SRK has invited Sallu for a Iftar party tomorrow. Hope Katrina and PC are not around. Sigh!
I always dreamt of having a beautiful vegetable garden of my own, where I could escape from the stresses of everyday life. I never acted on creating one, as my dream project was a magnanimous undertaking, which required a lot of hard work. So like many other projects, this was pushed to the back part of my brain. Last Sunday, we were invited to a good friend's house for dinner. We were going to their house for the first time. The cordial friends took us out on their deck. And what I saw, was breathtaking! My dream project, my vision, was right in front of my eyes! You have to see it to believe it! Please see pictures below.  A gorgeous patio table, with 6 comfortable chairs welcomed us. A perfect bonsai plant occupied the center of this table. The back of the table was lined with healthy, green tomato plants that were perfectly gathered with a guard. Plump green tomatoes were hanging form each plant, silently saying "pluck me".  Purple eggplant bushes of different varieties, adorned the front of the table. I could spot green chili plants, in between the eggplant shrubs, heavily populated with spicy green chilies. Just as I was wondering about Kadi patta plant, my eyes rested on a yet to blossom Kadi patta plant, next to which were two full mint leaf plant pots. To the left of the mint plants, were some cucumber creepers, loaded with medium sized, light green, perfect textured cucumbers, begging to be plucked to make a crunchy salad. And the best was yet to come. A canopy by the side of the deck that had a gorgeous creeper growing next to it that spread all over the canopy, giving it a oh! so romantic feeling!  By this time, the sun had also begun to set and the orange-yellow rays were cascading down the canopy. This made a perfect backdrop for a Bollywood act. I swear, I was imagining the Gazebo scene of SRK and Kajol in Kuch, kuch hota hai. The host who definitely has a green thumb, told us that he has planted grapevines on the outside of this canopy.  I wish I could see them in full yield someday. A bird bath and a splendid wind chime completed this beautiful canopy. We ate yummy appetizers made by the host sitting in this magnificent garden as we savored the alcoholic drinks made by our gracious, green thumbed host and enjoyed Hindi songs from the 70's along with Shayaris recited by another good friend. What more could I have asked for? Good company, good food and above all good ambiance. Now, that's what I call a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Congratulations friends on your beautiful veggie garden! You are truly an inspiration to me. Thanks for a lovely evening. The salad I made for dinner tonight, using the cucumbers and green chilies from this dream garden was yummy! All of us enjoyed it.

 The gorgeous patio table and the stunning canopy on the left.
 Healthy tomato plants
 Mint leaf plant
 Kadi Patta plant
 More tomato plants
 See the plump green tomato?
 Eggplant plant
Eggplant plants and Green chilli plants

Folks, leaving you tonight with a 70's song from the movie Kora Kagaz. Enjoy! Shub Ratri.


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  1. made this sound so pleasing...loved your choice of words.....We had a great time with you....We need to do a repeat again..very in line is a movie nite...Not sure why we took so long to was a great evening...thank you all for making it.