Sunday, July 07, 2013

When dreams come true

Hello world! It was THE weekend folks when dreams came true for me. Growing up, I was always made to feel that I have not achieved much in life. My friends were always smarter than me and I had accepted it and had started to believe that it's what it is. I had stopped trying. But everybody has that one nerve in them that when struck, makes them start to dream again. Like most of you already know, when I was in college, I participated in a lot of cultural activities. I enjoyed taking part in skits, dances, and music. But after college, I did not have the opportunity to perform anywhere. I got married and came to United states. I soon found out that my husband did not have similar interests.  I would look forward to going to social gatherings, as I would hope to meet someone, with whom I could connect on my passion. I would sing a song or 2, and be happy with the compliments I received from the small friends circle. But coming back home, I always wished and dreamed of a larger audience. Then in 2009, a miracle happened. I met my best friend from college again, through Facebook. It turned out, that she now lived in New Jersey. We got talking, and soon were reminiscing college days. I was awestruck when she told me that she still is following her passion and is now a RJ for a local desi Radio station. I expressed my desire to be one too to her then. It was all forgotten after that. I continued listening to her hosting the show (evening drive) every single Monday and practiced my RJ skills in front of the mirror. I was with her for the past four days. She kept saying she had a surprise for me. Guess what? She gave me a slot on the Radio show for 30 mins. air time as a guest RJ. That's what friends are for. Dreams to come true because of Angels on earth like my dear friend. Another dream that I got fulfilled was, I drove from VA to NJ by myself. It's all about the right timing, luck and keeping the dream alive! Folks leaving you with a soft song from the movie Agent Vinod. I chose the version with built in lyrics, so you can simultaneously enjoy the meaning. This song is all about the lyrics. Enjoy!



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