Thursday, July 11, 2013

Disability - a curse?

Hello World! Bad hair days for me. This humidity is killing me. I could literally scoop it our of the hair. At this rate, either I have to shave my head off completely or start wearing hats. It's impossible to keep the hair looking neat. She calls herself exotic, hotter than the tropics, this gorgeous desi girl is none other than our very own PC, who has come out with another video, this time with Pitbull. The song is catchy, but sounds exactly like the previous one "In my city". It has the same synthesized, computer voice. Nevertheless, this girl is reaching soaring heights. So proud of this hardworking girl. This is the the Song of the day.

Talking of PC, reminds me of my fav. Shahrukh Khan. He named his surrogate son AbRam. Hmm being politically correct again? Shah Rukh Khan said. "They say a baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. I always found him to be an Intelligent man. But at this stage in his life, why a surrogate baby? Following Aamir Khan? Wouldn't adoption be a better choice? Anyway, alls well, that ends well for Hrithik Roshan who got discharged from the hospital today, after a successful brain surgery to remove a clot. Thank god! Any medical issues connected to the brain or heart is sooo scary.

Felt so sad on reading that a girl travelling from Mumbai to Delhi, who had an artificial leg was stopped at the airport security check and was asked to remove her prosthetic leg. Ouch! Can you imagine what this girl would have gone through. People have become so insensitive. The system is be partially blamed too. No one is excused. Not even if the person's name is Shahrukh Khan. It is human nature to fear or ridicule people who appear or act different than what we consider to be normal. That will never change, but I think there is more acceptance of people with physical handicaps -- we call them "disabilities" now -- and their ability to participate in normal activities.  The Americans With Disabilities Act requires businesses and government institutions to accommodate the needs of the disabled. People with disabilities are accepted at workplace, there are special arrangements made for the handicapped like special ramps, elevators etc. Kids are taught early in school to be nice to kids with special needs. All this tells me that the future looks bright for disabled people. Shub Ratri folks. OM!


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