Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A window into the brain

Kem cho blog friends? I am excited about the new Bollywood movies that will be releasing in the coming months. Apart from my favorite SRK movie Chennai Express the other movie that I am looking for ward to is Ramaiya Vastavaiya. Shruthi Hassan is stunning. The brown color in her hair compliments her creamy white skin so beautifully. The new guy Girish Kumar is kinda cute too. Watch out for his dance number "Hip Hop Pammi". Although, today's Song of the day is the soft, romantic number by Atif Aslam. Enjoy!  My surprising discovery of the day - Arijit Singh who has become the nation's voice after Aashiqui 2, is none other than Arijit Singh form Fame Gurukul. We had just installed Indian TV in our house back then in 2005. It's good to know that, this kid pursued his dreams, even though he did not win. True talent is always rewarded.


There have been many times, when I really wish I could read the others person's mind. I have noticed that in a developing friendship people sometimes say things, just to please the other for the moment. This may not necessarily be true. Sooner or later, this avalanche is going to grow so big, that eventually it's going to burst. I always thought, that it is not good to open up and be oneself, till you get to know the person completely. However, the current generation of kids, do not tolerate this old school concept. They are honest and tell things, exactly like how it is. It's either black or white. It was hard for me to understand this in the beginning. Therefore, it resulted in a lot of frustration, trying to fit in. One person even told me, one should not wait around for things to happen as a result of destiny. We have to make our own destiny. The statement stirred me up a little bit. Ever since, I have not stopped thinking about this. We definitely have only one life to live.  Like Bob Marley said - “One love, one heart, one destiny.” If we don't take ownership of what happens in this short period for us on earth, nobody else will. Is honesty always the best policy? I am starting to believe, that it is. At least, there is no hurt in going through a long period of time and finding out later, that the truth was never shared all along. the pain can be reduced to a large extent. Times have changed indeed! Shub Ratri.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
William Jennings Bryan


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