Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Types of faces

Namaskar friends! Happy Janmastami to all my blog friends. Memories take me to childhood, when my parents would celebrate this festival with great pomp and show. My Mom, wearing her traditional saree, cooking the tastiest dishes, and my Dad dressed in his crisp white "dhoti", looking every bit the learned "pandit" and the head of the house. The house, filled with the fragrance of incense sticks and variety of flowers and fruits. My brother and I waiting for the Pooja to be over, so we could savor the "ladoos" that were so carefully made to look round as round can be, by my artistic Mom. Every Hindu Indian, might have fond memories of some child in the family being dressed to look like little Kanhaiya. Here is wishing all of you, that, may Lord Krishna, keep your family healthy, wealthy and wise.
Anyway, I had my own reasons to stay away from this space. I was in a happier place mentally, and therefore did not miss this space either. But expressing myself here is now part of my individuality and therefore I had to come back and feel complete again. Yes, harsh reality is that Summer is almost over and kids go back to school and the lazy routine has to change! Like they say, every good thing has to come to an end. While the Rupee continues to fall against the dollar, rape cases and corruption dominate the news in India. Rising prices for simple things like onions is making life miserable for the people of my beloved country. Hope and pray that the situation improves soon. My poor parents are feeling the brunt of all this. I wish I could help. Today, I felt like posting a love song that is very close to my heart from the 1976 Yash Chopra movie Kabhi Kabhi. You will see the brilliance in Sahir Ludhianvi's Lyrics.

I have often heard people say, her face looks like a lotus, his face resembles that of a horse, that baby was so cute he had a face just like the moon etc. Even though, they say, we have 7 lookalikes in the world, no 2 people look exactly like each other. It is believed that there are 7 types of faces. Oblong, Oval, Round, Rectangular, Square, Triangle or pear, Diamond, and Inverted Triangle or Heart.
Variety is the spice of life. The creator of the Universe was definitely intelligent. He thought of every little detail. Saved the humans from boredom. Have you ever wondered why, not everyone is attracted to the same person? Research has shown that the shape of a person’s face tells a lot about how sexually attractive he or she is, and can also convey a sense of trust, dominance, and good health. One facial feature that is consistently related to ratings of attractiveness, for both males and females, is facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is where both sides of the face, right and left, are alike. Face reading is also related to Astrology. Each of the five elements has a corresponding face shape which tells the face reader that certain energies, talents, or possible health problems may be found in this person’s make up.
I think I have an Oblong face. Sometimes I like it, but most times I wish I had a different face. Don't we all want something that we don't have? The most attractive face shape for a man according to me is the oval shape. Shows that the person has a lot of confidence.


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