Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mind over matter

A wet and adventurous weekend folks! The hurricane Irene came and went. We did not feel it. It mostly hit the coastal areas. Caught up with some movies that I had missed. When I thought I had had enough of movies, I decided to go to the salon to  get some highlights in my hair. What a disaster! Picked an orangish brown color, which I thought would create wonders. Looked exactly like what I had thought when I was at the salon. Sunday morning when I looked in the mirror, I screamed. I could not recognise myself. I was in tears. It was so light. I looked old. My kids started teasing me. So I went back to the salon hoping they could fix it. They tried. The results are not satisfactory. Not much change from my original color. The only consolation is, the funny orange color is gone. Hey, experimenting is allowed correct?

I have noticed that every time I start a diet and an exercise program, the only thing on my mind is food. Specially, I start craving for all the junk food. It's all about will power. Mind over matter. I know diet does not mean starving. It means eating healthy and in smaller portions. However, my mind automatically thinks diet means depriving myself of good food. The thought is so depressing. One thing I have learnt is calorie counting. So, if I can burn more, I can eat more. I finally joined a gym today. Makes me so happy. My first step towards success. Yes, my goal is to lose weight and tone up. However, my ultimate goal is more than that. It is about discipline. I want to see if I have the will power to achieve what I want. When I know that I am overeating, I have to be able to say "no" to my favorite food, if it is in front of me. That day I will feel like indeed my mind is over matter. I know, some of you might be thinking, why go through this exercise. It's like punishing myself. If Anna Hazare can fast for 12 days straight, why can't I? It's a small test for my will power.  Not sure if I will succeed. I won't be sad if I fail, but at least I will know that I tried.


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