Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paint Ball - a new experience

Happy Independence day blog dosts! No more Yahooooo! Veteran actor Shammi Kapoor got independence from life a day before the actual Independence day of India. I was sad to hear that... Sunday again. Had a good weekend. Woke up Friday morning with pain in ankle. Couldn't even walk. So stayed home and went to the Doc. Turned out it was only a sprain. Ate some pain killers and felt a lot better by evening. Went to couple of my friends houses for Varamahalaxmi pooja. Had a lot of fun. Sat. I woke up very late. Good rest. Watched Dhobi Ghat. Loved the movie! I am really falling in love with Aamir-Kiran couple. They are made for each other in my opinion. Ate some good Chinese food for dinner. Sunday, we decided to go for a family outing. The boys always wanted to go paint balling. It was a boyz day out. I tagged along.
If you want to keep your active kids (mostly boys) busy, paintball is the game for your family. This is epic! whoever came up with this, has gone inside a teenage boys mind to understand how it has been wired. Genius! Anyway, we set out at around 9 AM. It was a place called Pev's paintball in Aldie, VA.  About 30 mints. from our house. Got ourselves registered. Even tough I was only a spectator, I had to register and sign a waiver. The boyz  put on the gear that they provided. Pic. (1). Cool right? The boys were very excited.

 Pic. (1)

                                                                          Pic (2)

Pic (3)
Pic. (4)
We then went to the grounds were the boys took position. They had many barriers of different shapes behind which the players could hide. Innovative to say the least. Logs, rocks, houses, sheds etc. Pic. (2). & Pic (3). They split into two parties. The set up was that which resembled a war zone. The gun has bullets which is actually a small ball filled with paint. Pic. (4). The opponents aim and shoot. The kids said that they felt a slight sting when they were hit by the ball. It kept them busy for 4 hours straight. Hubby played too. Of course, I was bored out of my wits after round one. But I decided to stay put and pretend to enjoy the game to keep the spirits high. Sigh! It's at times like this that I feel I wish I had a daughter. We picked up subway sandwiches on the way home. A nice family day out. I called the next family outing. Shopping! Silence prevailed.... :(


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