Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is happiness?

Weekend ho to aisa doston! It was a fun filled weekend spent with great friends doing  uhhh, umm well..., what friends do best. Hangout!  Friday evening I checked out a platinum rated gym in the area. It had everything under the sun to offer. I am still not sure if that's the gym for me. Saturday morning enjoyed Rohit's football game. His team won. Later in the evening met with the immediate circle of friends and celebrated a close friend's 40th surprise birthday party. It was nice to see the look on her face. She was surprised alright! Sunday was another beautiful day.  Attended an exclusive summer picnic. Exclusive because it was picnic only for the local konkanis. You bet! we talked, talked, talked and ate and played. And of course found relatives!!!  he he..

So, everyone has a routine and they are busy with that. But for me this is not satisfactory. So, the minute I have 10-15 minutes with a person, I tend to ask them about their routine and find out how they keep themselves happy and content. I hope that I find an answer in the process. I found that happiness means different for different people. Some people can be content by just having a routine. I found that there are more people in this category. All these years, I think, I was confused between happiness and pleasure. I thought that they were one and the same. Every time I got something that I did not have, I would be happy. Every time I crossed a milestone, I would be happy. Now that I have been there and done it, and I am in my mid life period, I realised that this was all momentary and I was confusing happiness with pleasure. Everyone wants to be happy. So then what is happiness? Aah! a tough question. Happiness is to be born form the inside.  From the working of our own minds. Training our mind to always be in a state of happiness, is really hard to achieve but not impossible. A good friend once told me to accept everything that happens as God's wish and see how life becomes so simple. Yeah right! At that moment I thought, this is easier said than done. Someone else said,  actually, happiness and unhappiness are 2 sides of the same coin.  It is not really happiness that we should seek. We should try to avoid unhappiness. If one can stop desiring, if one can take life as it comes, then only one can be free of unhappiness. Complex theories. Nevertheless, worth a shot. What say? 

Happiness is like a RADIO Station,
Broadcasting all the time..
YOU just have to learn
how to tune it &
receive your favourite channel…


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