Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cherries for pain relief

Hellllllo doston! Anna Hazare in jail in spite of strong support. When will this end? Had an alright day. Got a call from a friend reminding me that it's garba season soon. That was the highlight of today. Already deciding on what I should wear. Met with a landscape person. Discussed some ideas. He is starting work tomorrow. Picked up some plants for the garden. Cooked Palak Baingan for dinner. Yummy!

The reddish black fruits taste and look so different when fresh. I had only tasted the syruped version of this fruit back in India. Yes, these are cherries. Someone told me that these fruits can help ease pain. Since my ankle is not improving, I thought I might try it. I made a special trip to the grocery store to buy these beauties. Cherries are on sale these days. They are both juicy and fleshy. They taste somewhat like plums but are firmer. Makes for a good healthy snack. As a child I used to hope that the cherry topping on the cake would always be mine. In India, bakeries were very "kanjoose" with cherries. One per cake. Luckily no one in my family like cherries. So, I made up for all of my craving here in the US. I don't feel deprived anymore. I don't like anything else made with cherries. Cherry pies, Cherry cobbler, Cherry cheesecake, Cherry tarts etc. All these have the 'katta" taste. Spoils the dessert. Did you know, they even have cherry coke these days? Would love to go cherry picking sometime. I am sure someone in the world is planning to name a product after this fruit. Cherry phone anybody?


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