Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Suicide- Is it really a solution?

What a day folks! Experienced a 5.9 magnitude earthquake here in Virginia. It was the scariest minute. I work on the third floor of our building. the whole floor shook. It felt like the building was falling. But amazingly nothing fell on the floor. Everything was in tact. We have some electrical work that people are doing on the second floor. At first I thought that it could be them using some kind of innovative machine to drill a big hole or something. But then, I felt like the building was rotating. Had to be an earthquake! We survived...

I know. Not a "fun" topic to discuss. The earthquake today got me thinking. We face so many near to death experiences in life. We take so many things for granted. We never realise  that death can occur anytime, anywhere and anyhow. For the most part it is not under our control. My ex boss used to say "when the BIG guy wants you, he takes you". Really, there is no use worrying about it now and spoiling the present. I understand that. Suicide is one form of death that I fail to understand. It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem most of the times. Yet, so many people commit suicide. Almost everyday, there is one news article related to suicide in any given newspaper. These days I am noticing that youngsters as early as in their teens are committing suicide. What makes people take the drastic step of suicide? What is their mindset? Is that the only solution they see at that point? The answer must be "yes". But the more I read about suicide, I feel if the person waits for sometime when the feeling of ending their life comes to their mind and does not act hastily, the feeling will go away. Most suicides are committed momentarily. Like they say jokingly- people who keep talking about how they will commit suicide never really do. It has some truth to it. It it not always lack of money or basic necessities that drive people to commit suicide. How else would you explain so many celebrities committing suicide. The beautiful Parveen Babi for example. What was she lacking? She was successful, pretty, in love with Kabir Bedi, even Amitab they say.. any woman's dream life. Went on to be so depressed  that she finally ended her life and nobody even came to claim her body for sometime. This is scary. It can happen to anyone. I think suicide is just the easy way out and not the solution. Let's hope we don't get to hear about these things so often.


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