Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kids can be friends too!

Proud day for me. My blog reads 2011! Yet again it was my best friend Sharda who clicked on my blog to take the number to 2000. Thanks folks for all your encouragement. Seems like a black cloud is following me these days. I got my first speeding ticket. I was going 44 on a 30. Got to go to court now. Oh! it's a new experience. Thinking positive here. Had a long chat with Sharda. It lasted 3 hours long. So much fun going down memory lane. Laughed a lot after so many days.

Today I went for my evening walk with my older son Sanil. It was so nice. This kid can actually carry on a conversation like an adult. I was so surprised. He was discussing his future plans with me. Told me about his dreams in life. It was amazing how he opened up. I think just being outside the house in a stress free environment helped him. I was not judging him for once. Neither was I in a hurry. I had the time for him and only him. I was attentively listening and encouraging his questions. He seemed to be enjoying it too. We talked about my childhood and what I used to do when I was his age. He was really surprised how it was so different then. I told him about my friends and the outdoor games we would play together. He did not think it was cool at all. His eyes popped out of his head when I told him about the luxurious life I led back in India. He could not believe it that we had 2 servants. (Not something to be proud of, I know). I was enjoying the conversation too. I asked him if he will ride the bike with me. He agreed. I was thrilled but did not show it. I decided to take him to the park. So there we were, on swings, swinging, chatting and giggling. Just being silly. Letting go of all rules.  He felt like an adult and I felt young. Perfect!


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