Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A day at the beach - Sweet poem!?

Hello friends!!! Just when I was giving up on friends, I got a call from an old friend this morning. We talked for an hour about nothing. Cheered me up so much. Since then it has been a nice day. Very tired tough. It's amazing how much a little TLC from friends can do your mood. My long time dream of writing and publishing a poem is coming true!! Wow! So far, I have written one poem in my life on my first crush. I still have it. I have never published it. This is my first attempt after that. So please excuse me, if it's at a very elementary level. Sharing....
A day at the Beach

On a breezy evening along the beach
Hand in hand with my little peach
In his childish way he has a lot to teach
Oh, so caught up with his innocent speech
A beautiful moment that ought to come to a screech

The setting sun so orange and bright
Feel so tempted to take a mighty bite
The round shape making such a beautiful sight
The rays so friendly sadly going down with the night
Please come back in the morning and save us from this plight

Mountain like waves comes rolling down
Making the sea look like a king wearing a crown
Splashing salty water making one frown
People hoping that they won’t drown
Thankful that they are away from town

The sand such a perfect mixture to build a castle
My son plowing at it with his hands so little
Hoping that no one ever comes close to hustle
Was looking like a young and ambitious Aristotle
Embracing every moment away from the hustle and bustle

Balloon and Ice-cream vendors ringing the bell
Making it impossible to resist as hell
Flying and eating together we gel
When can we do this again we dwell
Very soon we scream and yell

My very first published poem I spell
Oh well, Oh well, Oh well, Oh well!

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  1. Very well written poem Maya!!!! I am amazed by your talent and creative skills!!! Keep it going!!!! Looking forward to more such beautiful compositions over the coming days :)