Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skin color matters

Good afternoon friends. Choosing the afternoon to write today. Apple company will no longer be the same. No jobs to do his job. No difference to me personally. I don't own any Apple products. Feeling very tired and feverish today. Hubby is out of town. Having a rough time managing  the household.  Just when we thought we were done with natural disasters in this area, we are now having a hurricane alert for the weekend. Otherwise just going about my routine.

Oh yes! Skin color matters! A lot! Is black indeed beautiful?  Not for most Indians. The Indian obsession with fairness is very apparent. Otherwise why would there be a steady growth in business of fairness cream makers? I am in that pool too. To me fair skin is very attractive.This fixation about lighter colored skin might be because I was born and brought up in a konkani family. Most konkanis have fair skin. Our entertainment Industry is also a big promoter of fair skin. Models and actors are have mostly fair skinned. Skin color discrimination is a big social problem in India. A darker complexion is a disadvantage in the matrimonial market. The matrimonial columns are flooded with advertisements asking for a fair spouse. I think it is natural. Fair complexion attracts.Fairness covers ugliness to some extent.Though fair complexion and beauty are different things people are generally attracted by fair complexion. I think people who say that color does not matter are lying. Why is Katrina Kaif #1 actress today?  Not for her acting skills. All credit to her "malaai" like complexion folks!  I am sure you have noticed how people stare at white and black couple. White people attract more attention.  So then, is there hope for a dark skinned person to get a lighter skin. The answer is -  No! I  have tried most of these so called fairness creams. They are ineffective. Some good hard earned money down the drain. All of us know that skin color is determined by the substance called melanin. There are some things we should learn to accept in our lives. Skin color is one of them. It's god given.


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