Friday, September 02, 2011

Leafy treat. Hint - Konkani specialty

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi blogdosts! The long weekend is finally here. Just finished performing the Gauri-Ganesh pooja. Dinner is taken care off. Going to a friend's place. I am excited about today's topic. I hope you are too!

Mumabi must be alive this week with all the ganesh chatruthi celebrations. If there is one place that I would want to be right now, it would be Manipal - at my parents house. I hope they miss me when they eat all those traditional goddies. Hey, I tried making "Patrodo". You better believe it! I have the pictorial for you guys. Except that I call it "Collarado". Any guesses why? Leave me a comment if you know the answer. My Mom would not give me an "A" but she would definitely give me brownie points. Well, for those who do not know what patrodo means, it's a classic konkani delicacy. It's rolls made of colocassia leaf multilayered with masala and steamed. Only if you grew up eating this delicacy would you want to take the trouble to make it!! It is similar to the Gujarathi Patra or the Marati Alu vadi. My memories of patrado go back to the rainy season in India. My Mom would always send me to get the leaves from the backyard. The rains would have just stopped and the ground would be wet and dirty. I was told that the tender leaves make for soft and tasty patrados. It would also prevent the itching from the more mature leafs. I used to stand in line in my Mom's kitchen to taste the freshly ground masala. I was my Mom's taster. My Mom used to say that I had the "gibbe ruchi" (tounge taste - literal translation) meaning taste for the best!.  Ahem! Ahem! That says a lot about me. Doesn't it? Patrado topped with coconut oil  is normally enjoyed with dal and rice. I am not going to bore you with the recipe. Please let me know if you feel like you want to try it. "Bhaari lyak assa" . I vouch for it!


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