Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nosy neighbor and the compound wall

Sunday evening folks! For once, I am looking forward to Monday. It was a nice weekend. Friday, I had to drop kids to a high school football game. It was my kind of Saturday friends. I went to a Zumba class in the AM. Lot of hip-hop like moves. It was hard to follow, but thoroughly enjoyable because of the music. The teacher could move! Wow! Attended an early Navaratri dandiya function in the PM. Danced till I dropped. Literally! Now my legs are hurting. So, Ash is having twins. Knew it!  All those rumors about the Bachchans going to Honkong for invitro, making sure it's a boy after all might not be rumors. As they say, there is no heat without a flame. ************************************************************************

This picture reminded me of the character Mr. Wilson, the nosy neighbor from the TV serial "Tim the tool man Taylor". Since, my Dad was a Professor, as I was growing up, we lived in the quarters provided by the college for families. In such an environment, it's only normal that the houses are small and very close to each other. The houses are separated by a very short compound wall. Across the compound wall were these neighbors who found ample time to get completely involved in what is going on in the neighbor's house. On the pretext of borrowing something form you, they would come to your house and chit chat. I remember distinctly that they would choose the oddest time in the day to visit you. In most cases, the person, would have interesting information about your family, even before you know of it. Every time, a vehicle stops in front of your gate, or your door bell rings, your nosy neighbor would definitely make his or her presence felt. You would see them hovering over the compound wall.  Today, living in the US for almost 18 years, I miss my nosy neighbors.  Now I face the other extreme. First of all, there is no compound wall to separate houses here. We live in a single family home that is detached from other houses. And even if we want our neighbors to hear us, they cannot, as the houses here are sound proof. Neighbors have no time to even carry on a polite conversation. In fact, I don't even know the names of my neighbors. All neighbors clearly follow the principle of live and let live. Initially, this suited me too. But, I am noticing, as I getting older, I miss exchanging daily information with a friend. These nosy neighbors would have come in handy. Dang!


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