Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dancing for exercise and fun

Friends, black dress can do wonders. People who did not know me said good morning to me at work today.  And the compliments kept coming the entire day. Ok, ok. I am back on earth now. Came home and cooked a sumptuous dinner. Highlight: Pomfret fry. Will post pics. soon. I am actually enjoying the heavy rains. I have been continuously listening to Jagjit and Chitra Singh. Normally after about 30 mints. of them, I have to switch to an upbeat song for a change of mood. But for the past two days, I just want to listen to them. Amazing change na? Tried Kukuwa dancing workout at the gym today. I am so excited to share this experience with all of  you.

Kukuwa is a dance form from Africa. The dance was made popular by this lady named Kukuwa from Ghana, Africa. I had the opportunity to take her dance lesson some 5 years back here is Sterling,VA at the Golds gym. As you can see from the video, she is very energetic and this energy is transferred to all taking her class. I decided to go to this class again today after nearly 5 years. I am so glad I did. One hour of total fun! My teacher's name is LT. You can see her in the video at :10 in purple shorts and tee. The one hour dance class is choreographed in such a way that there is the warm up, the high and the cool down. At the end of the class, you would have moved every muscle in your body. Yes, I am feeling it tonight. All throughout the dance, we are screaming so loudly letting go of all the stress. No one is watching anyone else. We are all there to sweat and have fun. One fun word you get to hear a lot during the routine is "Boomzie". This means your rear end.  You get to shake your "boomzie" a lot.  Mostly women take this class.  I have seen a few men too. These are the men who enjoy dancing. It is really fun to see how everybody let's go of everything and just come there with a common aim. Burn calories while having fun. For those of you who are comparing this to Zumba, let me tell you, it's not the same. Kukuwa dancing is easier and the heart rate really goes up. Zumba requires some dancing skills. Kukuwa is for dummies. If you can shake your body and body parts you are good to go. A BIG PARTY, is what I would sum this whole routine.  Try it!


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